Why It's Cool To Empower Yourself And Other People
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Why It's Cool To Empower Yourself And Other People

Do what you love to do, and empower those who want something different


I've never been one to sit around and let things pass me by. Chasing dreams are so intriguing to me and how the entire process that we were built on. How we're made and determined to get to where we want to be throughout our life, our career and even different relationships. Maybe that's just me.

The vision that makes our path and how we plan to get there. Around this time last year, (September 2016) I wrote down the date July 14, 2016, on my calendar. I wasn't sure what was going to happen, but I knew I wanted and was going to make a big decision. Fast forward. May 2016, I found out I was moving to New York City from Cleveland, Ohio to officially start my career. My move in date? July 14, 2016. I love every second of writing huge goals down and finding a strategic path to get there. Anyone else find fun in that? After achieving something that I wanted, by simply just writing it down, I haven't been able to stop.

Empowering other people has a special meaning behind the things we build our path on. It's weird what happens when people turn competitive about their goals compared to other people, right?

"Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer"

I've spent a lot of time on this thought lately. It seems so counterintuitive to me. I'm a firm believer in what and who you surround yourself with and around has a huge impact on who you become. Thinking this way, why on earth you waste your time on or being around individuals who are trying to be better than you? Focus on what you want. The right people will be attracted toward you. Inspiration is just as contagious as jealousy. Choose wisely and surround yourself with the right people.

Learn to let people go

I am inspired and empowered every single day because of the people I have chosen to revolve myself around. Maybe I was lucky enough to have a job where people fight for each other every day. To really, hear people. Maybe it's just my passion the fitness industry and how there are so many incredible people involved with empowering themselves and others throughout their journey. It is a process of letting people go who are no longer in your life for a purpose, period. It happens. One of my very good friends always reminds me, "Sometimes you have to say no to good things, to say yes to great things."

I challenge you to think about what you want out of life today, tomorrow and beyond. Are you doing something every single day that will get you to your final destination?

Empower each other.

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