Why Intersectional Feminism Is So Important

Why Intersectional Feminism Is So Important

If it isn't intersectional, it isn't feminism.

Feminism itself is such an intricate movement and for some reason, there are tons of people who think that feminism and feminists are ignorant. I mean, the definition of feminism is the movement for political, social, and economic equality of the sexes (and yes, that includes intersex as well, which seems to be left of a lot). I don't think that's an outrageous request, considering that people are discriminated against and even killed for parts of their identity that they cannot control. Feminism, however, does have flaws when it comes to fighting for the rights of everyone. Countless groups of people are left out or forgotten when it comes to activism, so that's where intersectionality comes in. Intersectionality refers to the interconnectedness of social categories such as race, class, gender, and socioeconomic status.

The reason why intersectional feminism is so important because it aims to include all groups in the movement for equality. Some feminists only focus getting equality for certain groups, specifically white people. For example, when someone says that people should be allowed to wear whatever they mean, that should mean Muslims wearing hijabs, Hindus wearing bindis, and men wearing makeup and dresses, not just white girls wearing short skirts. And while yes, it is important for all people regardless of color or background to wear whatever the hell they please, it shouldn't be restricted to just one group. You shouldn't be praising white girls for being bold for wearing a low cut shirt, yet criticize an Indian woman for wearing her cultural dress. You shouldn't be praising white girls for wearing sweatpants out in public, yet ostracize a man for wearing a turban. And this goes far beyond clothing. This includes religion, race, culture, background, sexual orientation, (dis)ability, and everything else in between.

When you're fighting for the rights of others, or at least being an ally, you should be thinking of all groups and not just the ones you're involved in or express an interest in. If you're fighting for women's rights, that should include women of color, trans women, women with disabilities, women of diverse religious background, women of low socioeconomic status or in poverty, and all the women out there. If you're fighting for religious freedom, that should include people from Islam, Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism, Sikhism, and every single other religion out there. If you're fighting for the rights of those with disabilities, that better include deaf people, blind people, people that need wheelchair assistance, people with learning disabilities, people with all types of mental illness, people with physical disabilities, people with obvious disabilities, people without obvious disabilities, and every type of disability that exists. Every type of person and every combination of person should be included in your feminism, or else it truly isn't feminism.

Of course, no one's feminism is perfect because we all have our biases and internalizations, but that doesn't mean we can't have to carry those forever. We have to try to get rid of those biases we hold and aim to include every single minority in our fight for equality. We need to not only educate others, but we need to educate ourselves on what it truly means to be intersectional. We need to be activists for everyone, and if you come from a place of privilege, use that privilege to advocate for those that get silenced and can't speak by themselves alone. At the same time, don't try to make yourself part of a group if you don't belong there. Just because you fight for black lives doesn't mean that you can say the "n" word or adopt black culture if you're not black. Just because you're an ally or an activist doesn't mean that your voice gets to overpower those with the minortiy status, and that doesn't mean that people should listen to you more because you have privilege. You shouldn't drown the voices out of those who are experiencing the hatred and inequality; you should simply stand with those who need it.

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In My Opinion, We Should Ban Political Parties, Even If It Is Temporarily

Political party allegiance is corrupting the minds of our Americans and the US political atmosphere.


Let me start this off by saying I am not super involved in politics, or super informed for that matter. But what I do see going on in our country today is a growing divide between Republicans and Democrats and people with allegiance to either of those parties. Our two-party system is hurting our nation and we need to fix it.

Even media companies associated with these parties (CNN with Democrats and Fox with Republicans) are contributing to this divide. These media companies and other news outlets have started twisting stories to promote their own agendas and goals rather than reporting honestly and without bias. And these unethical actions happen on both sides and the blame does not fall only with one.

A lot of people have stopped caring about the issues that trouble our nation and are more concerned with attacking people of other political parties instead of solving our problems. Democrats have lately taken up the task of slandering Trump and trying to expose his administration for criminal activities and Republicans have focused on slandering Alexandria-Ocasio Cortez. While there needs to be some activity between the parties, overall, political parties need to have the goal of solving problems and not attacking the other. This is distracting us from the hard-working politicians out there that are doing honest work and trying to help our nation.

And this is why I propose banning political parties for a short period of time. This is a radical proposal, but I believe if politicians are forced to identify as independent then Americans will focus more on the policies and platforms of these politicians and begin to make an informed vote rather than simply voting for a candidate because of their party allegiance. Voting will require actual research rather than looking at the political party above a candidate's name. There are some good voters out there that do their research regardless, but they are in a small minority.

I understand the importance of political parties in our nation, but I feel that getting rid of political parties for a bit will shift the focus away from political parties and more towards political issues. For example, if two main candidates are selected for an election, people will have to get informed on the specific views of each politician in order to properly vote. While this may deter many from voting, the voting population will be more focused and informed on the issues that plague our nation currently.

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