Why I'm Proud To Be A 'Good Girl'
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Why I'm Proud To Be A 'Good Girl'

There is no shame in being considered a "good girl" who stands firm in her beliefs.

Why I'm Proud To Be A 'Good Girl'

When I think about it, I was just born a good girl.

Now, before y'all tell me to get off my high horse, just listen for a second.

What I mean by that is I've never had the urge to do anything other than what is considered "good." Growing up (and to this day), I don't think I've ever said a curse word, snuck out of the house, or done anything remotely rebellious. I can't say it's always been easy and I can't say there haven't been times when I've wished I lived differently.

However, I can say now, as an almost 21-year-old adult, that I couldn't be more proud to be a "good girl."

Here are a few reasons why.

1. I'm treated with respect.

I've learned it's very easy for others to tell whether you're a good girl or not just by the way you carry yourself. When you're known as a "good girl," others tailor their conversations, jokes, and language to you and your standards. To some, this may sound "goody-two-shoes," but in reality, it is others respecting you enough to watch what they say in your presence because they know you deserve that kind of respect.

2. I don't have any major regrets.

I've never hooked up with a guy, woken up somewhere still hungover from the night before, or anything extreme that I would look back on and regret. Not to say if you've done any of these things that you're not a good girl because that is surely not the case. The point I'm trying to make is because I take pride in my goodness, I have gone the extra mile to not make poor decisions that I will regret. Like my mom has always said, "if you wouldn't do it in front of your grandparents, then you shouldn't do it at all."

3. My future husband (and mother-in-law) will be proud to have me.

Yes, I am 20 years old and thinking about my future husband. No, that does not mean I am hot to trot to get married. What it does mean is that even before I know who my husband will be, I have enough respect for him (and myself) to not only carry myself with dignity but preserve my purity for him. Boys like fast girls who are willing to compromise their purity and self-worth for a moment of satisfaction. Real mean who are rooted in Christ, strive for a woman of grace and purity who holds herself to a higher standard. Don't forget... your future mother-in-law will be jumping for joy too.

4. My confidence is rooted in something deeper.

Because I never felt I needed to use rebellious acts to help me fit in, I found my confidence elsewhere. I didn't look to boys or alcohol to find my confidence. If anything, I've been considered uncool for being a "good girl." I have now come to realize that all of those "cool" things are fleeting. I have found my identity in Christ and I know that my representation of Him is what matters over fitting in.

In no way, shape, or form am I attempting to present myself as perfect or never making any mistakes. (My mother will gladly vouch for that.) I am far from perfect and will continue to fail myself and my Savior daily. I write this because now, as an adult, I am able to clearly see that there is no shame in being considered a "good girl" who stands firm in her beliefs and if anything, it is something to be extremely proud of.

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