Fears. Everyone has them. No matter how old or young you are, we all at one point in our lives were terrified of something. But what are the most common and technically irrational fears? Experts say fears can graduate to something stronger, thus, classifying them as phobias. A phobia could have some serious effects on you, including physical and mental. A phobia can also debilitate your life in many ways, it could stop you from going to certain places, it could even discourage you from leaving your home. Although levels of fear vary, these are the most common fears according to statistics.

1. Spiders


This is among the most common fears, according to statistics, 48% of women report having this fear while only 9% of men have admitted to having this fear. Arachnophobia is not only a common fear but it's also a common phobia. People are crippled by the mere thought of a spider and there could be times where they can't even look at pictures of them because they are so afraid.

2. Heights


Everyone can agree that heights can be intimidating and fear-inducing, however, having a height phobia is fear on another level, literally. Many experts have even called the fear an anxiety disorder because it can have serious effects on at least 5% of the population. That's millions of people who are crippled by the thought of heights.

3. Flying


This is a common fear and one that could hinder a big part of your life. Flier anxiety is a real thing, but it could develop into something stronger. Aerophobia can be treated with anti-anxiety medicine, but it could be labeled as an irrational fear, given the low chance of actually dying in an airplane accident. You have a higher chance of having a heart attack from an anxiety attack, than actually dying in an airplane. After the September 11 attacks, people's fear of flying became greater, for obvious reasons, but the actual odds of you dying in an airplane crash are one in 13 million. That itself makes it an irrational fear.

4. Driving


Fear of driving can also be labeled as irrational, depending on the severity of your fear. Anxiety when driving on the freeway is one thing, but when you can't get in a car without having a panic attack, that is a phobia. You can also develop this fear if you were involved in a car accident or were seriously injured in a car accident. According to a Florida personal injury attorney, at least 26 thousand people die in car accidents every year. So, there is a good chance of being in one.

5. Dogs


This fear is so common because of how frequent dog attacks happen. According to the Center For Disease Control (CDC), at least four million incidents of dog bites happen every year in the United States. Although not all of these incidents may lead to a serious injury, the trauma of a dog bite can haunt a person, causing them to develop a fear of dogs. In reality, dogs are not dangerous, they are still animals and have tendencies. The blame for dog attacks can be placed on an owner, especially if they are reckless when training and restraining an animal. The good news is you can easily avoid dogs if you are afraid, and avoid petting dogs who seem aggressive.

Phobias and fears alike have a huge impact on your well-being. I myself have several phobias, however, I've dealt with them and have figured out where they stem from. You are never alone when it comes to fears, as long as you don't let them define you and you seek help, you will find more peace. Eventually, you will be able to speak about your fears and phobias and hopefully laugh about the times they almost took over.