Why IB Was The Worst Thing To Happen To Me

Why IB Was The Worst Thing To Happen To Me

But still, I would do it all again.

If you are, or are friends with an International Baccalaureate student, you've probably seen the posts on social media announcing their freedom from the chains of IB. "We passed!"..."No more IAs!"..."Good riddance, high school!" You're probably thinking all right, we get it. IB kids, can you maybe chill? but their excitement is no exaggeration. IB was the worst two years of my life (for academics and my mental health) and I, for one, am beyond glad it's over.

The first reason that IB was such a horrible experience was the toxic community it created. My public high school had both an IB stream and a regular stream of students. This bred a sense of exclusivity to the point where us IB students had a cult-like support system in place. We were IB. All we could talk about was IB and our EEs, IAs and every two letter acronym we could think of. Although at times, the close-knit community was nice, one person's anxiety would spread to everyone else and our "support system" turned into a machine designed to keep all of us on edge at all times. Many of us rarely ventured out of our IB bubble to find time to relax (and sleep) between our assignments and tests.

Second was the obvious workload. The way IB is designed is to force you to become a well-rounded student. Unlike AP, or my provincial education system, you can't choose courses that you're good at or are interested in pursuing. For IB, you have to take a course in almost every discipline. So although you may find the math coursework to be a piece of cake, the tests, homework, and papers may be overwhelming to another student. Unless you're gifted with an affinity for all subjects, IB guarantees that you will struggle with the workload for at least one course in your high school career.

The worst part of IB, however, are the exams. Senior year exams in May. For me, this meant re-learning two years of material for all my courses in two weeks. Maybe it's just that I'm not too good at dealing with stress, but I can only imagine the number of snaps I've been featured in as "that girl breaking down in the library." However, if the slew of panic-stricken tweets that flooded my feed were any indication, my classmates were in the same boat as me. Honest advice to the IB students in their junior year: start studying early. You've heard that line a million times before for a reason. You may feel invincible after finishing all your IAs and EEs, but exams hit you a lot harder than you will be prepared for. Oh, and don't hesitate to drink tons of bubble tea to get you through the three weeks of hell.

If you ask me right now if I enjoyed IB, I would say with utmost confidence, that no, I did not. Was IB worth it? Would I do it again? Well, yes. I'm a lot stronger than I was before the whole IB debacle took over my life and the happiness of finishing my last exam and running out those school doors is not so bad either. As a bonus, I have a cult-ish support system of friends I can count on for anything.

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Cover Image Credit: Morgan Yates//YouTube

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How I Selected A College

Selecting a college is stressful, this is about to affect the rest of your life.

Selecting a college can be very stressful, as I just did it about a year ago I remember clearly what had helped.

The first thing you have to do is find a college 'smart-match'. My high school provided us with one but I'm pretty sure you can find one on google. From this smart-match, you can put in a lot of different aspects that you might be looking for or considering in a college like price, different groups on campus, diversity, religion, location, and size of the school.

After you find some colleges you're interested in, VISIT CAMPUS! I found that the singular, most important aspect of choosing a college was the campus. Does it feel like it could be your home? If not, don't brush off the feeling that maybe you won't get used to it and comfortable with it because if you never do, you'll be miserable.

One of the other main important aspects is the location, are you more comfortable in the city, a suburb, or rural areas? These aspects also depict the number of stores that will be around campus and if you don't have a car, but love to shop, maybe a rural area isn't the best place for you to go to college.

After this part, I was still stuck between two colleges.

So, I made a pro's and con's list which made my life ten times easier. For this, I considered the size, how I felt being on campus, and where my friends were. And I know most people will tell you to NOT consider your friends, but if you're like me, considering friends was important. I didn't base my decision just off of my friends, but they were on my pro's list for a specific college because i'm not good at making friends and if I was comfortable at the college, I didn't see any problem with that.

The last tip I have, although it didn't happen with me, is don't follow your significant other to college. If you're just interested in colleges your significant other is interested in, there might be a problem there. For college you have to think with your own brain, otherwise you risk breaking up (because it's a high school relationship, honestly those barely ever last), and being miserable because your only or main reason for going to that college is your significant other.

There could be different or more important aspects for different people. But this was my process for choosing a college and I had no help in doing so. The best thing to do is do most of it by yourself, that way you don't have anyone telling you where to go when this is ultimately your decision. No one can tell you where to go, not a counselor, or your parents. This is solely your decision. And if you're considering community college? It's nothing to be ashamed of, just make sure your credits will transfer if you're planning on going to a four-year after community.

Cover Image Credit: Shiann Farrell

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