Rain or shine, and whenever I have the time, you can always find me painting (if I'm not taking a nap). Ever since I was little I always loved arts and crafts, drawing and painting, just never had the time for it due to a rigorous schedule filled with four hour swim practices, and the time left devoted to school work. As a retired division one collegiate athlete, I have much more time to add new things a part of my schedule that I enjoy doing.

Painting is great for a number of reasons. I can paint whatever I want whenever I want. I personally enjoy painting very much, no matter how "good" or "bad" my painting may look. And it gives me time to not be on my phone, unless I am referring to a photo to help guide me. We all have our gadgets, and we all spend SO much time on them, painting gives me that break from staring at a screen for so long. It gives me peace, and let's me explore my artistic abilities. It takes me back to the places I have been to, and dream of going there again.

Painting or any other type of art work is a great way to communicate the importance of something, for example something like land conservation. Painting can inspire land conservation, of areas that are threatened by the development of drilling and mining industries. Artists recognize how important it is to preserve these natural beauties, and thereby create these wonders in their works of art.

Majority of my paintings consist of places I have been before. From rainbow fields of wildflowers to the detailed and intricate mountain ranges, I have the chance to relive my memories through my paint brushes, paints, and canvas.