I haven't had a romantic valentine since high school.

I don't want pity by saying this and I'm not out here begging for someone to come claim me with a "be mine" box of chocolates — even though I would eat every single chocolate in that box in a matter of minutes.

But as I walk through the Wal-Mart, where Valentine's Day is unescapable, I can't help to feel an immense joy. It makes me feel the same way that a predictable romantic comedy makes me feel. Like when Cher and Josh finally kiss in "Clueless," or when Richard Greer defends Julia Roberts' honor to the snobby shop workers in "Pretty Woman." So when I see all of the hearts, red and pink I can't help but start to imagine the different types of people going to shop in this section.

I love the idea of love and I'm passionate about interaction. So when the two come together to create a beautiful combination, Valentine's Day becomes even more beautiful a concept.

So instead of sulking around or vocalizing your distaste toward the holiday even more — take this time to show love to those around you. It doesn't necessarily have to be romantic love, but it's always appreciated to remind those who are important to you how special your relationship is. In the great taste of Leslie Knope, take on a Galentine's Day.

Be kind to a stranger, treat yourself to your own box of chocolates, show appreciation to your best friend, bake some cookies.

You never know how any of your interactions will impact those around you, so take advantage.

Love deserves to be celebrated every day of the year– but Valentine's Day is the best excuse to go a little overboard.