9 Reasons You Need To Watch Netflix's "Queer Eye" Right Now

9 Reasons You Need To Watch Netflix's "Queer Eye" Right Now

The new Fab Five are changing the game.


The 2017 Emmy-nominated, modernized reboot of Bravo's 2004 "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" features a new "Fab Five" who help enhance and improve the lives of people living in more rural areas of America. I was skeptical at first and just clicked on the show when I needed something new to binge watch. Now, I'm hooked. Here are 12 reasons you'll be obsessed with this emotional, hysterical journey of a television show.

1. The amazing antics of Jonathan Van Ness


JVN, as he's known on every social media handle and by every adoring fan, is the epitome of confidence and childlike enthusiasm. He encourages men from all walks of life that self-care isn't selfish, it's just about showing up for yourself and your health in a productive way. From grooming expertise to positive affirmations to his sha-mazing podcast "Getting Curious", Jonathan is the kind of person everybody wants as a friend. He's fearless and not ashamed of his unique energy.

2. Tan's French Tuck


Tan France, the Pakistani Londoner in charge of fashion, is known for his devotion to the"french tuck", which features a shirt tucked in the front only. Besides his signature look, Tan is soft-spoken, sweet and encouraging in his endeavors to transform the way the hero sees his or her closet. Not to mention his gloriously coiffed gray updo.

3. Antoni's passion for good eats


Antoni Porowski is the food expert on the show, and is such a snack himself. The way he introduces the "heroes" to really simple recipes has become a source of criticism from many, but when you realize that he is introducing fresh cooking into the life of someone who might think that they don't have the time or money to do so, it's so eye opening.

4. Bobby doing the MOST


Bobby Berk, the show's design expert, essentially remodels an entire house behind the scenes. If that isn't enough for you, I don't know what is. Bobby's personality is so sweet and level-headed yet mischievous, and makes the dynamic of the whole group so unique and fun. Also, watching him confront his past with the church was a seriously heart-wrenching, powerful moment. Absolutely worth a watch.

5. Karamo's bomber jackets and heart-to-hearts


Culture expert Karamo Brown is more like the show's resident therapist/personal motivator. He's a charming, charismatic father of two whose conversations are meaningful and encourage the heroes to confront family members and get in touch with their emotions. His chat with a police officer about Black Lives Matter and mutual respect was so pleasant to see in today's tense political atmosphere. And who could forget those stylish jackets?

6. Mama Tammye's selfless heart


Tammye, the hero featured on season 2's first episode, "God Bless Gay", is possibly the sweetest woman ever. A breast cancer survivor, preacher and all-around compassionate, empathetic person, Tammye captured viewer's hearts with humor and love, even choosing to remodel the community center for her church instead of her own home.

7. True love in action


From episode to episode, we see exes get back together and get married, friends reveal their true feelings for one another, there are proposals, re-do wedding photoshoots, and husbands confident and excited to look good for their wives. It's just so much romance and freedom and happiness all in one place. I can't recommend it highly enough.

8. Lifelong lessons


Though the show has attracted some criticism for supposedly attacking the habits of those close to the poverty line, I'd argue that the Fab Five do their best to show the "hero" that it is possible to attain a more comfortable, enhanced lifestyle with a few simple changes - a hair pomade, a new pair of shoes, etc. While some change may seem extreme and impossible to maintain in everyday life, many of these lessons are simple and memorable for everyone - especially communication and being in touch with your own feelings. Sensitivity doesn't indicate weakness - that message is so important for men who feel like they can't show any emotion for fear of appearing less masculine.

9. Most importantly - understanding each other!!


The show does the difficult job of directly exposing people of such different backgrounds to one another, but - *spoiler* - by the end of the week, they always feel a deeper connection to each other, not as a certain label or stereotype, but as individuals. The ability to look past your initial impression of someone based on a shallow assumption and to have real conversations with one another, is what our society so badly needs. Queer Eye achieves this on a small scale, but it's still so important.

Queer Eye is such an inspiring and uplifting watch, so give it a try! You'll definitely feel motivated to start your best, most fulfilling life. So go watch the show, then head out into the real world and have your moment!

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Unveiled: Book Two of The Dark Secrets Trilogy

An excerpt from Unveiled by Katherine F. Messina


I was brought out of my fitful sleep by Talya thrashing beside me. She nearly knocked me from the bed when she sat straight up, her beautiful sea-foam green eyes wide with fear. Her head jerked back and forth, and she took in her surroundings, relaxing once she recognized where she was. Her eyes landed on me as she launched herself into my arms, her shoulders racked with sobs. Her nightmares had gotten worse over the past few months, her minds way of trying to combine the memories of her former life with those of the eighteen-year-old girl she'd believed she was. I pulled her close to me, gently running my fingers through her hair. The fiery locks were like silk against my skin. We were past words. She simply needed my presence to ground her.

We had set up our headquarters in the kingdom of one of our ally's. Our kingdom was overrun by enemies. We'd been working for two months trying to rally our supporters. Talya was doing wonderfully. She was as strong and as fearless as I remembered.

"Archer?" she asked, her voice cracked, caused by her tears.

"Yes, my love?"

"Just making sure you're still there. Sometimes it's hard to tell."

"I'm here. I'll always be here. Every time you wake up."

Our eyes met, I pressed my lips gently against her forehead. Her skin was slightly damp from sweat. Talya pulled away slightly; then her lips were on mine with a sudden urgency. A loud knock startled us apart.

"Talya?" her human friend's voice filtered through the door.

I sighed as she untangled herself from me.

"I should go see what he wants," she looked at me wistfully. I eyed her shapely form as she sashayed to the door. When she opened it, the human came barreling through. He was like a miniature whirlwind spouting incoherent words every which way. Talya put both hands on his shoulders to calm him. I sat up; something was clearly wrong.

"I think we're being invaded!" Steven squeaked.

Talya's shoulders dropped as she looked at me, "Here we go again."

Steven huddled himself in a corner as Talya, and I dressed quickly. We gathered as many supplies as possible within the short amount of time we had. I motioned for Talya and Steven to gather around me, and they rushed forward. Heavy footsteps sounded outside of our door. Tension filled the air; I held my breath. I pressed my fingers to my lips, signaling for them to remain silent. Several faerie knights burst into our room. Talya jumped into action, drawing her sword and going for the closest enemy. Watching her fight was like poetry in motion. I drew my own blade, the weight familiar in my hand. A knight rushed towards me, sword drawn. I parried his blade effortlessly. We met each other blow for blow, a deadly dance of steel. He was skilled, but just like any other foe I'd faced, he soon showed his weakness. A moment of distraction gave me the opening I needed. I thrusted my blade into his gut. I moved on to the next knight. Talya and I made quick work of the enemy, keeping the mortal behind us. When the last faerie laid dead upon the ground, we gathered together once more. I clasped each of their wrists. A familiar swirling sensation surrounded us as my magic moved us to another realm.

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