Okay, now you may be thinking that I am being dramatic. Well...I AM. With my long twenty (almost twenty-one) years of being on this earth, all year I've been in some sort of...panic. You may either call it FOMO, or just plain ole' anxiety. But this is something I think at one point or another, we all can relate too.

So...do you ever feel old? Yeah, I feel ancient being around for over twenty years. With being in college really no matter what age/year or whatever you are, I'm sure you've had the thought that you are so 'underachieved' or that you are a 'failure'. I'm here to say that you should really, just cut yourself some slack.

Success comes to people at different times, and it's really easy to be caught up in watching someone else's success and then comparing it to yourself, and what you have accomplished. It's also pretty common too to think that if you don't hit 'success' (depending on what you define it as) when you are young, you won't be successful in life at all. Well...that is FAKE NEWS.

Everyone's own success story is unique. Just because you don't have success now, or in a year or so, doesn't mean that you'll never have it. Keep in mind though, you need to work towards something. Success doesn't just happen, you have to earn it. So you can either be twenty-something years old, and have huge success, or have a big pitfall. Whatever it may be, life is full of ups and downs. You'll have good times, and you'll have dark times. That's life, and how you adapt, learn and be the best version of yourself along the way. So stop thinking that you feel like it's 'already too late to live' because of others around you. Just keep your focus ahead, and you simply just do you.