There are a lot of people out there that say that one of the challenges of college is the "roommate situation". However, I personally think that having roommates was the best part of college so far! Even though the process of choosing a roommate, the challenge of trying to live together, and the whole no-privacy thing are hard in the beginning, the rewards greatly outweigh the negatives of it all. Having a roommate also teaches you valuable lessons in sharing, compromise and dealing with things that you might not have had to deal with otherwise.

I could go on and on about how much I absolutely adore my roommates. One of my roommates I've lived with since freshman year and the other I've lived with for nearly a year, and they are the best people I know. But even if you don't have roommates like mine, there are many reasons why having these people in your life is a great idea in general!

1. It's practice for living with people in the future

I mean, most people end up living with someone else at least once during their lives. Whether it's just a roommate, a significant other, or even a pet, it's always good practice to learn the annoying habits that might surface after awhile. Whether it's leaving the toilet seat up, not cleaning up after themselves, leaving dishes in the sink, or keeping their room dirty at all times, you are prepared for all of that if you live with someone during college. You get used to the clutter, so it's not as annoying when you move in with someone else.

2. You learn about your own habits

It's not the best to learn that you are also someone who has gross habits or tendencies, but it's a good lesson to learn early on. I know it's not the best situation, but let's be honest: if you don't learn about your own problems, how can you ever bring up and deal with other people's problems? Not only that, but you can also learn from those you live with what bothers them about your own style of living. This way, you'll be able to work on that before you get your own house or you're living with someone whose opinion you care about more than your silly roommate.

3. You make a lot of friends

This might not be the case for everyone, but a lot of the time if you and your roommate get along with each other, you usually introduce them to your friends and they introduce you to theirs. Often times, this leads to a lot of friendships and a lot of good times in the apartment/dorm/house. I'm going to be honest, but so far I've made some of my best friends in college through my roommates.

4. They are there through the best and worst times

Another amazing thing about having a roommate is the fact that they are always around. Now, I know that really doesn't sound like the best thing, but if you're having a bad day, you have someone there that will watch bad movies with you, listen to you vent, and eat too much food alongside you. They will also be there when you are in a great mood and just want to go for a walk and have a great time! I loved always having someone around to talk to and spend time with.

There are a lot of reasons why having roommates is the best thing ever, and I could never truly write them all down on paper. But it's so true – roommates are the best, and I will forever love the memories I have made with the two I've lived with so far.