With thousands and thousands of titles to choose from, searching Netflix for the perfect show or movie to watch can sometimes feel overwhelming. You have your choice of a plethora of dramas, comedies, sitcoms and made-for-TV movies. Not to mention the endless comedy specials, full length films, and documentaries vying for your attention. Yet, of all these seemingly enticing options emerges a clear victor, the one show that deserves your undivided attention. Shonda Rhimes truly changed lives for the better the day that she bestowed "Grey's Anatomy" upon the world.

Each gripping, charming, and heart-wrenching moment is handcrafted by the gods themselves -- Queen Shonda and her crew -- and executed with perfection by what is arguably the most exceptional cast to ever grace screens -- Ellen Pompeo, Patrick Dempsey, Eric Dane, and a lot of other hotties -- although possibly worth mentioning is that (in my completely biased opinion) the second, fifth, and seventh seasons are the best.

"Grey's Anatomy" isn't just entertaining, it's inspiring. It's the reason I'm confident enough to believe that I could perform a tracheotomy with a ballpoint pen like Owen did in the season five premiere, or that I could save a child from a bus explosion in the middle of a superstorm like Jackson did in the season nine finale.

The doctors of Seattle's most drama-packed hospital not only save lives, but they serve up wisdom and empowerment left and right, which is exactly what we all need. The educational value of "Grey's Anatomy" is unmatched by any other Netflix offering. Sure, "The Office" can teach you how to sell paper, and you can learn how to pull a fast one on the judicial system with "How to Get Away With Murder's" help. "Breaking Bad" might teach you how to cook crystal meth, but "Grey's Anatomy" will teach you how to order a CT, perfect a whipple stitch, and hook up in on-call rooms. And those are the types of skills that will really shine on your resumé.

Arguably, the most important aspect of the gift to the world that is "Grey's Anatomy" is the eye candy. McDreamy and McSteamy are a good foundation, but we can't forget about the other beautiful attendings, the gorgeous new interns each season, and of course the super-hot patients.

Instead of wasting time searching for something to watch the next time you're on Netflix, go right for "Grey's Anatomy." It's entertaining, inspiring, educational, and full of great eye candy. And really, what more could you want?

To quote the charming, brilliant, and beautiful Dr. Derek Shepherd, it's a beautiful day to binge watch all 11 seasons.