Why Do Girls Take So Long To Get Ready
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10 Reasons Girls Take Literally FOREVER To Get Ready To Go Out, Guilty As Charged

Every boy in America wants to know why their girlfriend takes a hundred years to get ready... well boys, HERE'S WHY!

10 Reasons Girls Take Literally FOREVER To Get Ready To Go Out, Guilty As Charged
Janet Elizabeth Herman

It's not a myth that girls take a ridiculous amount of time to get ready. Here's a little insight into why we take literally forever to get ready to go out with our girls or on a date.

Showering and washing our hair


Showering and washing our hair takes at least 20 minutes... and don't forget drying it! For me, drying it takes 30 minutes before I even do anything to it. So to shower, wash and dry my hair, we're looking at at least 45 minutes to an hour.

Doing our hair/makeup


First, we have to prime our faces, then do foundation, eyeshadow, contour, mascara, eyelashes, eyeliner, powder and setting spray. Then we have to determine if we're straightening our hair, curling it, putting it up, leaving it down, etc. All this in and of itself can take up to an hour if we actually do it full out, sometimes more if we mess up. This step is the most time consuming of the entire process.

Choosing an outfit


This is the most nerve-wracking part of the whole process because maybe you like a certain shirt but it's in the laundry, or you want a certain pair of jeans but you let someone borrow them, or you can't find your favorite black bodysuit. This step is really just trial and error until you find something you like, which could take five minutes or 30 minutes, just depending on how picky you are.

Changing the music 400 times


Every girl has a playlist full of bops, but sometimes we have different music we want to listen to, and when it takes us over an hour to get ready, we don't want to listen to bad music!

Doing irrelevant things that don't speed up the process


Ever get sidetracked by your laundry you need to put away, the homework you have to finish, your boyfriend yelling at you, etc.? That's another reason why we take forever to get ready. We have the attention span of a squirrel, but it takes long enough to get ready as is.

Talking to all your friends that you'd be able to see faster if you got ready


When the group chat is blowing up with some hot gossip about Becky's new boyfriend or Sarah's ex at the bar you HAVE to respond, duh!



Shaving takes at least 15 minutes IF you don't cut yourself... if you do, just go ahead and add another 45 minutes on top of getting ready because if you're like me, when you cut yourself you cut it deep.

Deciding if we're going with gold or silver accessories and then picking them


Sometimes I realize I wanna wear a certain belt, but then my hoops don't match and it's like the struggle of a lifetime trying to decide.

The selfies


Listen, boys, if we get THAT dressed up, we're taking selfies, and we're taking a lot so that we have something to post on Instagram to remind everyone that we really don't look as bad as we do during the week. It's a self-confidence booster for sure.

Checking EVERY angle


We gotta check ourselves out from every angle... do my boobs look good in this? Am I exposing anyone? Do these shoes go with this outfit?

So boys, now you can see why getting ready for girls takes LITERALLY forever... looking this pretty doesn't come easily!

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