Obviously, nothing and no one beats your family, but sometimes friends are the people you go to when you can't go to your family for advice or keep a secret for you. You become so apart of one another lives that they become part of your family, they come over for family dinners, go on family trips, they are apart of almost everything in your life. Although the family is most important in our lives, we have friends because there are some things that our family can't do or provide for us that our friends can.

You choose to love each other, which is more special because with family you kind of have to love them, but with friends, you form a special bond between one another and that's how you know they love you unconditionally. You feel more special because they chose to be around you for the good times, bad times, and your crazy times. It says a lot about a person who will be there for you no matter what even if they don't have to, but because they want to.

You guys go through pretty much everything together. If you've known them since high school you go through those awful awkward stages and put up with your sassiness. When you meet them in college they deal with your crazy partying stagehand never judge you for it because they're right by your side doing all the stupid crazy things with you. They keep your secrets from your family of your crazy college nights if you need them to. When you go through something hard in your life, they are there for you no matter what. You can sit in silence with them and not even have to say a word to one another because sometimes their company is more than enough. They sometimes know what you're going through, so you aren't always alone.

Friends are there to listen to us complain for hours about our family, life, or boy problems and never get tired of listening to you... well maybe, but they will listen to you anyway. They will support you, but also call you out on your s**** if they need to. They're not afraid because they are doing it for your benefit because they only want the best for you. You can get into arguments, but at the end of the day makeup and go right back to where you guys left off. You can go a couple weeks without talking to them and it'll be like you never stopped.

Friends are the ones who you go to when you can't go to your family, they are the ones who aren't expected to love, they just do anyway. Friends are the people you choose to become your family and share anything and everything with.