Why Exam Week Is Like The Zombie Apocalypse

Its closing in all around you. What are you going to do? Are you prepared? Do you have all the tools you need to survive? What happens if you get stuck? How will you ever go on? Can you rely on your friends to help you or is it every man for himself?

Now here's the funny part. Am I talking about the Zombie Apocalypse or a college student getting ready for finals week? Finals weeks is probably the most stressful week for any college student. And what college student doesn't love the idea of a Zombie Apocalypse? Well if you really think about it, they do have a few things in common. Let's take a look.

1. You need to be stocked up on supplies.

Nothing is more important in a zombie apocalypse than making sure you have all the supplies you need in order to survive. The same goes in regards to exam week. Staying stocked up on paper, pencils, pens, drinks, snacks and keeping your electronics charged are all essentials when it comes to preparing for exam week and long study sessions.

2. Those you choose to survive with can be your downfall.

We all love spending time with our friends. We all love studying with our friends and it always seems like the best idea at the time. But let's be honest, trying to study for finals with friends isn't always the best idea. One friend can drag you down and interrupt a good study plan. You wouldn't want to take on zombies with someone who is constantly distracting you. Let's be honest, you're gonna die. Studying with friends works the same way. You need to sit back and think before you decide to make the plans. Will this friend help me study or will we get easily distracted and not do the work? Your survival (in that class) depends on it!

3. Lack of sleep turns everyone into a zombie.

Studying is so important. Everyone tends to study late through the night. Well guess what? You've now become the zombie. And as we all know, zombies aren't known for their brains. Well, not known for their own brains. Ba dum tss. Not getting enough sleep can be the reason you fail, or the reason you get eaten alive. It dulls the senses and its hard to concentrate. Its hard to survive the apocalypse if you're already a zombie by day 2.

4. Limber up - Zombieland

Columbus from Zombieland had the right idea. His rule, Limber up, although very useful in the zombie apocalypse does indeed work for your exam week studying. Sitting for too long not only causes aches and pains, but it can easily cause frustration. Its always a good idea to get up, stretch, and maybe even go for a nice walk/run. It's been proven that being active can help improve your studying habits. Just don't take too long! You don't want to leave your books alone for too long.

5. Double Tap -Zombieland

Another rule from Zombieland becomes very useful in finals. Double tap refers to shooting twice, or making sure the zombie you shot is dead. It could save your life. Double tap for finals week is simply just double checking your work. Finishing projects at 2 A.M. is common, but if you don't double check your work, it could be your doom!

6. Dead week

Even the week before finals is considered dead week. Ironic, isn't it? This is the week that everything is due. This is the week that students are stretching themselves to the limit just to get everything done. This is the week that all of the college students start to become zombies themselves from lack of sleep and all of the assignments that you've been working on. It's not called dead week for no reason.

Basically, finals suck. Zombies are cool. No body really likes finals. But everyone loves comparing things to zombies. If you follow these simple tips during finals week then you'll do better than you did before!

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