Why Everyone Should Take A Public Speaking Course
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Why Everyone Should Take A Public Speaking Course

10 reasons why you won't regret it.

Why Everyone Should Take A Public Speaking Course

Public speaking, ah.. every student's biggest fear. The good news is, you're not alone. The "bad" news? It's super beneficial for your professional skills, and even interpersonal skills. Whether you are having a casual telephone conversation, teaching a class, having a conversation with your boss, or giving a formal presentation, you are involved in public speaking. Public speaking can positively influence your every day life, your career, your relationships, your communication style and even your self confidence. I know, you're probably wondering how, don't worry.. I'm here to help you.

1. Increases success in your professional life.

Most higher-ups are well spoken individuals. None of them got there by just floating by (if they did-- they probably won't be there very long)

2. Enables you to communicate with others much more clearly.

Not communicating your ideas properly is the cause of most misunderstandings. Having good public speaking skills, and being able to clearly articulate your ideas and opinions will lead to better and smoother conversations with others.

3. Builds your confidence.

The feeling of successfully giving a presentation, or nailing an interview is overwhelmingly great. This is the result of good public speaking skills, which will increase your self confidence in any situation.

4. Increases your comfort level.

You won't be afraid to strike up a conversation with someone whom you do not know. You won't be afraid to approach your boss, or ask a stranger for assistance. Wouldn't that be awesome!?

5. It will help you in school.

Most classes require one or more presentations, mastering public speaking will enable you to ace those presentations.

6. It improves your listening skills.

If you want people to listen to you, you have to reciprocate.. right? You're forced to listen to other people's speeches.

7. It enables you to voice your opinions.

You'll have to do many speeches, all of different kinds. The beauty of it, is that you get to pick the topics!

8. It forces you to conquer your fear.

Picturing people in their underwear doesn't actually work, we all know that. So, what better way to get over your fear than staring it right in the face? NONE!

9. It's an effective way to get your idea and message across.

It allows you to give the listeners nothing but the facts, giving them no choice but to agree with you!

10. It increases your knowledge.

In order to knock a presentation out of the park, you have to be prepared. This means research. Which in the end, only increases your knowledge!

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