Why Everyone Should Pick Up A New Habit
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Why Everyone Should Pick Up A New Habit

Learn how to adult with easy steps to get you started.

Why Everyone Should Pick Up A New Habit
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I’ve been out of school for almost a month and a half and the events that have happened since has forced me to adjust my habits or even reach to pick up new ones. For example, one of my new roommates hates clutter, which unfortunately taught me how to throw away things, which is every hoarder’s worst nightmare. If something isn’t pleasing to the eye now, I just throw it in the trash or recycling bin.

In addition, I have way more free time than I normally have during the school year. I have an obsession with flowers so I decided to pick up “planting” and “gardening” with my little gardening pots. I’m barely into a week of having planted them, but I’ve been keeping good track of watering them daily.

To me, when I think of being an adult, I think of myself as having my whole life together and being on top of everything I need to do. It will be at least a year till I have my own job and years until I have my own family, but until then, I can start working on myself with little good habits.

As I said before, I’ve been taking care of two gardening pots that are supposed to grow Alaskan daisies. I’ve been keeping my kitchen and bathroom and other living space tidy. I’ve been washing my dishes immediately after using them. I’ve been putting away my things after using them in the dining area to keep orderly. I’ve been trying to get into journaling, but my lack of creativity kind of makes it difficult.

I know it doesn’t sound much, especially because I should already be doing most of these things. And as weird as it sounds, it gives me purpose. I feel like a different person. I learned how to keep myself accountable by doing little things. Yes, I do still need to write a checklist of daily things I need to do to remind myself, but one day it will so drilled into my head that I won’t have to think twice before doing something. This will only benefit me more because in the fall, when life is super busy, I will be doing these things as routine it is to sleep. This has reminded me to find responsibility for my own things.

For the rest of the summer and even 2016, I dare everyone to pick up a new habit. It can be as big as learning a new hobby or as small as taking your vitamins daily. Here are some ideas (but not limited to) on big and small habits to take on:

- Tidying your room every night before sleeping

- No money spending by day/week/etc. (this is ideal if you get Starbucks/boba on a frequent basis)

- Journaling (Pinterest it. You will be fascinated.)

- Keeping a planner (and actually using it)

- Cleaning around the house daily

- Adding décor gradually to your house (if haven’t already)

- Taking vitamins

- Watering your plants

- Checking your email every morning

- Writing handwritten notes

- Making sure you drink enough water

- Eating breakfast (This probably doesn’t apply to everyone, but if you’re like me and run out the door before eating breakfast, probably should change that.)

- Go out for a walk

- Making sure you eat all of your groceries and fresh produce so they don’t spoil

- Recycling (North California inhabitants are used to recycling whereas Southern California hasn’t exactly picked up on this, from what I’ve noticed. Start by separating your plastic and glass bottles and containers, then move on to doing another pile for paper.)

- Cleaning up after yourself

- Washing your face every night

Whatever you choose to start with, make sure it’s something you really truly are interested in. Otherwise, you will start to grow a negative connotation for routine.

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