Why Every Body Is Beautiful

Why Every Body Is Beautiful


All girls, no matter what age or where they're from, go through a time in their lives where they don't feel beautiful, they don't like the way their body looks, and they wish they looked like someone else. Teenage girls and even young adults look through magazines and see photos of Victoria's Secret models, or a celebrity who has been air brushed to the max. It's okay to strive to be the best or to change your lifestyle and everyday habits to become a more positive version of yourself. It's not okay though to stave yourself, spend an absurd amount of hours in the gym, or wear extremely baggy clothes just to hide the body that you don't want the world to see. We need positive role models who will let women know that their body is beautiful exactly the way it is. One woman whose extremely powerful and confident in herself and her body image is Iskra Lawrence.

Iskra Lawrence is a British model who is represent by the company Aerie in the United States as the Aerie role model, and most importantly, she believes that "every body is beautiful". She is a huge supporter of body positivity, wants to change the world's image of women in the media, and she speaks to millions of students about body positivity. Also, she's committed to bringing both awareness and support to people and their families who have an eating disorder. Her message about body positivity is something that we all need to know more about.

While Iskra is promoting and advocating the love you should have for yourself and your body, that doesn't mean that she's saying that you shouldn't work out or make healthy and conscious decisions about the food that you put in your body. When scrolling through her Instagram, one can see that she's not afraid to post pictures of herself in swimwear, intimate apparel, workout clothes, and just everyday outfits. Iskra doesn't show that she's self conscious about how she looks in a bathing suit or how her body looks in an untouched photo of her at the gym. In fact, when scrolling through her pictures, anyone can see that she loves her body just the way it is, and that she isn't afraid to own it.

#EveryBODYisBeautiful is something that everyone in the world should know about. We should be talking about this confidence and positivity that we as women should have about ourselves. Instead of bringing ourselves down because we don't like the way our arms look, or we think our thighs are too big, we should be complimenting ourselves. Letting it be known that we gave a great presentation at work or aced a test. When we go to the gym we should focus on the little goals we have instead of the big ones. We should appreciate our bodies and what they do for us. Every body is beautiful!

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