Why Every Body Is Beautiful

Why Every Body Is Beautiful


All girls, no matter what age or where they're from, go through a time in their lives where they don't feel beautiful, they don't like the way their body looks, and they wish they looked like someone else. Teenage girls and even young adults look through magazines and see photos of Victoria's Secret models, or a celebrity who has been air brushed to the max. It's okay to strive to be the best or to change your lifestyle and everyday habits to become a more positive version of yourself. It's not okay though to stave yourself, spend an absurd amount of hours in the gym, or wear extremely baggy clothes just to hide the body that you don't want the world to see. We need positive role models who will let women know that their body is beautiful exactly the way it is. One woman whose extremely powerful and confident in herself and her body image is Iskra Lawrence.

Iskra Lawrence is a British model who is represent by the company Aerie in the United States as the Aerie role model, and most importantly, she believes that "every body is beautiful". She is a huge supporter of body positivity, wants to change the world's image of women in the media, and she speaks to millions of students about body positivity. Also, she's committed to bringing both awareness and support to people and their families who have an eating disorder. Her message about body positivity is something that we all need to know more about.

While Iskra is promoting and advocating the love you should have for yourself and your body, that doesn't mean that she's saying that you shouldn't work out or make healthy and conscious decisions about the food that you put in your body. When scrolling through her Instagram, one can see that she's not afraid to post pictures of herself in swimwear, intimate apparel, workout clothes, and just everyday outfits. Iskra doesn't show that she's self conscious about how she looks in a bathing suit or how her body looks in an untouched photo of her at the gym. In fact, when scrolling through her pictures, anyone can see that she loves her body just the way it is, and that she isn't afraid to own it.

#EveryBODYisBeautiful is something that everyone in the world should know about. We should be talking about this confidence and positivity that we as women should have about ourselves. Instead of bringing ourselves down because we don't like the way our arms look, or we think our thighs are too big, we should be complimenting ourselves. Letting it be known that we gave a great presentation at work or aced a test. When we go to the gym we should focus on the little goals we have instead of the big ones. We should appreciate our bodies and what they do for us. Every body is beautiful!

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A Love Letter To The Girl Who Cares Too Much About Everyone But Herself

You, the girl with a heart full of love and no place big enough to store it all.


Our generation is so caught up in this notion that it's "cool" not to care about anything or anyone. I know you've tried to do just that.

I'm sure there was a brief moment where you genuinely believed you were capable of not caring, especially since you convinced everyone around you that you didn't. But that just isn't true, is it? Don't be ashamed of this, don't let anyone ridicule you for having emotions.

After everything life has put you through, you have still remained soft.

This is what makes you, you. This is what makes you beautiful. You care so deeply and love so boldly and it is incredible, never let the world take this from you.

Have Your Voice Heard: Become an Odyssey Creator

You are the girl who will give and give and give until you have absolutely nothing left. Some may see this as a weakness, an inconvenience, the perfect excuse to walk all over you. I know you try to make sense of it all, why someone you cared so much about would treat you the way they did.

You'll make excuses for them, rationalize it and turn it all around on yourself.

You'll tell yourself that maybe just maybe they will change even though you know deep down they won't. You gave them everything you had and it still feels as if they took it all and ran. When this happens, remind yourself that you are not a reflection of those who cannot love you. The way that people treat you does not define who you are. Tell yourself this every day, over and over until it sticks. Remind yourself that you are gold, darling, and sometimes they will prefer silver and that is OK.

I know you feel guilty when you have to say no to something, I know you feel like you are letting everyone you love down when you do. Listen to me, it is not your responsibility to tend to everyone else's feelings all the time. By all means, treat their feelings with care, but remember it is not the end of the world when you cannot help them right away.

Remember that it is OK to say no.

You don't have to take care of everyone else all the time. Sometimes it's OK to say no to lunch with your friends and just stay home in bed to watch Netflix when you need a minute for yourself. I know sometimes this is much easier said than done because you are worried about letting other people down, but please give it a try.

With all of this, please remember that you matter. Do not be afraid to take a step back and focus on yourself. You owe yourself the same kind of love and patience and kindness and everything that you have given everyone else. It is OK to think about and put yourself first. Do not feel guilty for taking care of yourself. You are so incredibly loved even when it doesn't feel like it, please always remember that. You cannot fill others up when your own cup is empty. Take care of yourself.

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Just Because You Can Reach The Top Shelf Doesn't Make You Better Than Us Short People

I am not your armrest, headrest or coat rack.


More often than not, being short is a struggle. I stand a mere 5'0 and I always find myself being the shortest person among others. Growing up, I always wished I was just a few inches taller. Yet, I know deep down I like my height even with the downsides that come along with it.

Contrary to popular belief, being short makes daily tasks very difficult to complete. For example, I can never reach anything on the top shelf. My options are either finding something I can climb on, such as a chair, to reach it or relying on a taller person to get it for me. Even at stores, I find myself unable to reach items on high shelves and I always have to ask employees to help me which is a tedious task.

In addition, going to concerts is more difficult for short people than anyone else. When you get a general admission ticket and you're on the main floor with everyone else, there will always be taller people blocking your view. You'll spend the entire night jumping, and moving around in efforts to get a glimpse of the artist you're seeing.

Sometimes, I find walking with my friends to be a difficult task too. I have a lot of tall friends who are taller than me and they have longer legs. They take longer strides and always end up walking a lot faster than I ever could. They always ask me why I can't keep up with them and I always say my 'small' or 'little' legs can't keep up with them. Keeping up with everybody else is always a struggle, but it is a good workout.

Being 5'0, I always find that there are always children in middle school and high school taller than me. Because of my height, people always assume I am a middle schooler or a high schooler. I cannot tell you how often people call me "cute," and "little," and get surprised when they here my actual age. To all of the tall people out there, please stop assuming I am 12 years old, it's getting old.

It's fascinating how people seem to be so infatuated by the fact that I am as short as I am. People like to point out my height, especially when they meet me for the first time. "Oh my god, you are so short," and "How's the weather down there?" both get really old really quick. Like yes everyone, I have been this height since middle school and it's not going to change, it's not anything new.

So yes, being short isn't as bad as I have made it out to be, but, I do feel as if taller people don't understand what it's like. Please guys, have some empathy.

Please do not purposely stand in front of me at concerts, maybe slow down sometimes so I can keep up with you and do not assume I am younger, or any less than you are just because of my height. Just because you can reach the top shelf doesn't make you better than us short people. I am not your armrest, headrest or coat rack.

In the end, every person is equal, despite their height but hopefully one day taller people will realize they aren't better than anyone shorter than them just because they tower over them.

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