Why Education Isn't Taken Seriously

Why Education Isn't Taken Seriously

Develop a Love for Learning

As of late, students are carrying negative attitudes about education. Books aren’t being read, homework isn’t being done and attendance is growing thin. Students’ replies to why school isn’t working for them is usually a statement concerning boredom. However, boredom isn’t a sufficient excuse. People need to dig deeper to find why exactly a student isn’t performing to their full potential and counteract that particular reason. Below are listed common reasons why subtends aren’t taking education seriously.

  • Tools to succeed aren’t being given. Students at either end of the bell-shaped curve have needs that aren’t being met. A school tends to run with only one type of student in mind and leaves the other types out of the equation. By not allowing for different types of learners and adapting educational material, atypical students become frustrated in school and grow to dislike school.
  • A love for learning isn’t created. Children aren’t developing a love for learning and this thought is being carried throughout their educational career. Parents are simply giving their children an iPad or a TV show to watch with screaming cartoon characters rather than experiencing the world and creating a sense of wonder. Books, hands on materials and playing outside are no longer a priority to parents, therefore children aren’t encouraged to travel deeper into thought.
  • Education isn’t engaging. Since when did policing ideas become a part of the educational agenda? With an increased emphasis on test scores, most teachers are directed to tell students what to think rather than asking them what they think. Discussion and questions have become taboo in classrooms and a lecture-based approach has ensued. By adding discussion to a daily lesson, students are able to interact with their peers and learn social skills that a PowerPoint can’t provide. To students, their ideas are being stifled, instead of being built upon and growing with each new piece of information. Students should be allowed to be wrong. People learn by failure or their mistakes. Currently lesson plans aren’t allowing for students to speak out or state their opinions. Instead they’re given a PowerPoint and asked to regurgitate cold facts versus adapting to multiple cognitive styles.
  • There is a lack of challenge or stimulation. This idea usually applies to the outstanding students whose knowledge goes beyond the average. Students who are deemed gifted in school aren’t given the same attention as the average or below-average student. Instead, they are shuffled off to the library to further research a topic or write twice as many essays as their peers. These students need to be challenged just as much as the next student, and not giving them that opportunity is robbing them of a love for learning and a proper education.
  • Cognitive styles aren’t being met. People learn in different ways, not just one, so why is only one or two learning styles met in a classroom? Cognitive styles are ways in which students retain information. The categories include; visual, physical, logical, aural and verbal. Usually, only the verbal cognitive style is being met, AKA reading and taking notes, or a teacher directing a lesson and the student taking notes. To get the ultimate education, a student needs to be exposed to several cognitive styles in order to retain information successfully.
  • Maybe parents are to blame. Children foremost learn behavior from their parents. Parents have an enormous hand in their child’s development. When a parent didn’t enjoy school as a kid or has a negative attitude to education, their kin follow suit. Parents should make it a priority to give their child every opportunity they can, so keep any educational prejudices to yourself moms and dads.
  • Healthy student-teacher relationships aren’t made. Teachers aren’t encouraged to create meaningful relationships with their students, therefore, students typically learn to mistrust their teachers. Test scores, test scores, test scores. Teachers are pushed to produce students who have high test scores. This causes a rift between teacher and student because the lessons they’re learning aren’t meaningful anymore. The educational material then becomes dull and both teacher and student become frustrated. What happened to the passion behind teaching? There aren’t healthy bonds forming in the classroom, which makes the environment difficult to learn in because it seems so harsh and cold.

Education matters. It creates bright, intelligent and caring citizens of our world. Without a love for learning, proper care in lesson planning and healthy student-teacher relationships, there is a lack of passionate learners in the world. Now that we’ve identified reasons why you may not be an enthusiastic student, it is your job to do something about it. An enthusiastic student seeks out all the opportunities education can hold, so break the rut. Discontinue the vicious cycle of a “bored student.” Create a love for life-long learning within yourself.

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To All Incoming Freshmen, When You Get To College, Please Don't Be THAT Freshman

I am pretty sure we all know who I'm talking about.


As we are all counting down the days to return to campus, students are looking forward to meeting new people and reuniting with old friends. And then, there is the freshman.

We have all been there. The eagerness and excitement have been slowly building up through months of summer vacation, all waiting for this moment. I understand the anxiousness, enthusiasm, and insecurities. The opportunity to meet new people and explore a new area is very intriguing. But let's be real, you are here to make memories and get an education. So here are a few pieces of advice from a former college freshman.

1. Don't be that freshman who follows their significant other to college

This is the boy or girl who simply can not think for themselves. The 17-year-old puts their own personal goals and interests aside to sacrifice for a six-month high school relationship. This will more than likely end at an end of semester transfer after the relationship has been tested for a month or two in college life. So if you want to really enjoy your freshman year, make your own decisions and do what is best for you.

2. Don't be that freshman who lets their parents pick their major

"You are not going to school just to waste my money."

This is a statement you might have heard from your parents. As true as it might seem, this is definitely not a good way to start your college years. If you are not majoring in something you can see yourself doing, you are wasting your time. You can major in biology, go to medical school, and make the best grades. But if deep down you don't want to be a doctor, you will NOT end up being a good doctor. When it comes to picking your major, you really have to follow your heart.

3. Don't be that freshman who gets overwhelmed with the first taste of freedom

Yes. It is all very exciting. You don't have a curfew, you don't have rules, you don't have anyone constantly nagging you, but let's not get carried away. Don't be the freshman who gets a tattoo on the first night of living on your own. Don't be the freshman who tries to drink every liquor behind the bar. Don't be the freshman who gets caught up being someone that they aren't. My best advice would be to take things slow.

4. Don't be that freshman who starts school isolated in a relationship

I'm not telling you not to date anyone during your freshman year. I am saying to not cut yourself off from the rest of the world while you date someone. Your first year on campus is such an amazing opportunity to meet people, but people are constantly eager to start dating someone and then only spend time with that person.

Be the freshman who can manage time between friends and relationships.

5. Don't be that freshman who can't handle things on their own

It is your first year on your own. Yes, you still need help from your parents. But at this point, they should not be ordering your textbooks or buying your parking pass. If you need something for a club or for class, YOU should handle it. If you're having roommate problems, YOU should handle it, not your parents. This is the real world and college is a great time for you to start building up to be the person you want to be in the future, but you can't successfully do that if your parents still deal with every minor inconvenience for you.

6. Don't be that freshman who only talks to their high school friends

I know your high school was probably amazing, and you probably had the coolest people go there. However, I believe that college is a great time to be on your own and experience new things. Meeting new people and going to new places will allow you to grow into a more mature person. There is a way to balance meeting new friends and maintaining friendships with childhood friends, and I am sure you will find that balance.

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22 Things The Baylor Class of 2022 Should Do Before They Throw Their Last 'Sic'Em'

There's so much to do before we graduate!


I start classes soon, really soon. And although I want to focus on my grades, I also want to fully take part in all the Baylor traditions, non-official traditions, and fun things to do on campus and around Waco! I have lots of friends that are already at Baylor, so they have all told me what I have to do my freshman year.

1. Participate fully in Welcome Week.

That means eating with my small group, Late Night, Spirit Rally, The Big Event, Candlelight, and going to many other events that happen during the week before classes.

2. Get a Dr. Pepper float at Dr. Pepper hour.

Every Tuesday from 3-4, you'll know where I'll be ;).

3. Become friends with my CL.

It'll be great to have a mentor that has great advice and to have a shoulder to cry on when I miss my family.

4. See Pigskin Revue, After Dark, Stompfest, and All-University Sing.

I can't wait to watch performances and cheer on fellow classmates!

5. Kayak in the Brazos River.

I've never gone kayaking, but there's always firsts in college! Might as well make kayaking one of them.

6. Take a picture on Judge Baylor.

I want to recreate it when I graduate!

7. Show my parents around for Parent's Weekend.

They have seen Baylor's campus a few times when we toured, but never had tour of everything.

8. Go to Diadeloso events.

A day off from classes filled with fun activities? Sign. Me. Up.

9. Run the Baylor Line.

Bonus points if I don't trip and make a fool of myself in front of thousands of people.

10. Find a church home.

My roommates and I are going church hopping until we all find the right fit. Can't wait for this!!

11. Do ALL the Homecoming Festivities.

Freshman Mass Meeting, Extravaganza & Bonfire, the Homecoming Parade, and of course the Homecoming football game!!

12. Lay in a hammock somewhere around campus.

Seriously SO FUN.

13. Befriend a professor (or a few).

From what I've heard, the professors can be super cool.

14. Study at Common Grounds.

I just love coffee shops, and Common Grounds is a student favorite.

15. Find my favorite restaurant in Waco.

With so many food options, this might take me a while.

Participate in Christmas on 5th.

I can't wait to take pictures with my friends once the Christmas tree is lit!

17. Take a picture with Joy and Lady.

aka the cutest bears EVER.

18. Go to a Church Under the Bridge service.

Although I don't plan on making this my home church, I would love to visit it!

19. Take a picture with Bruiser.

The school's mascot would make for a great Instagram pic.

20. Have a picnic on campus.

Picnics are a hassle to plan for, but they are so fun, and being on the beautiful Baylor campus makes it so much better.

21. Climb the Rock at the SLC.

I'm fairly certain it is STILL the tallest rock climbing wall in the state of Texas.

22. Make lifelong friends.

My college experience wouldn't be complete if I didn't make friends that would stay in my life forever.

I'm really looking forward to my first year at Baylor and can't wait to do all these things alongside my friends. Sic 'em!

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