Why Do Women Find Ted Bundy Attractive? Because He Was
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As A Young Woman In College, I Think It's Important To Admit Ted Bundy Is Hot

Could you make the same fatal mistake as many other women?

As A Young Woman In College, I Think It's Important To Admit Ted Bundy Is Hot

Ted Bundy was hot.

Yes, Netflix, I said it — Ted Bundy was hot. He was the picture-perfect image of a stereotypically attractive male: 5'10" with dark brown hair and bright blue eyes. And I cannot help but wonder: if I were alive during the 1970s, would I have fallen under the trap of Ted Bundy?

Would I have faced the same fate as Lynda Ann Healy, Donna Gail Mason, Susan Elaine Rancourt, Brenda Carol Bar, and many women?

Ted Bundy, from the outside, looked like the type of man that a father would want his daughter to date. He was an honors student, studying to be a lawyer, and worked at the local Suicide Hotline Crisis Center. From the outside, he looked absolutely perfect — And that's the problem.

It is important to admit that Ted Bundy was hot.

Think about the last time you were walking to class in the rain with an umbrella that cannot cover you and your backpack at the same time. Now, imagine if a boy drove by and rolled down his window, asking if you wanted a ride because he is also heading to campus for his Spanish class. He looks nice, like your typical college guy.

Would you get in the car? Would that be a fatal mistake?

It is important to admit that Ted Bundy was hot because, honestly, there are a lot of hot people in the world. Attractiveness does not necessarily mean trustworthy, even though we seem to associate the two together.

A kind face does not mean a kind heart or good intentions.

In the present day and age, we get into random people's cars through Uber and Lyft. We go on dates with random people through Tinder and Bumble. We blindly trust people, people who have not earned our trust.

I think that Ted Bundy was hot. If you also think that Ted Bundy was hot, admit it, and remember that the next time you are about to hop into the car with someone to escape the rain on the way to class.

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