We Spend Too Much Time On Social Media And It Is The Downfall Of Our Society

We Spend Too Much Time On Social Media And It Is The Downfall Of Our Society

Maybe we should stop obsessing over it.

Social media - most of us have some form of it. Between Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube, and Facebook, average teenagers spend around six hours a day refreshing their feeds, while average adults spend about four hours a day doing so. If the average amount of awake time for an adult and teen is, on average, 16 hours/day, that means teens spend 37% of their waking hours on social media, and adults spend 25% of theirs doing the same.

So, numbers aside, people from all age groups, parts of the country, socioeconomic backgrounds, etc. waste A LOT of time on social media. I have one question: Why?

Sure, being the first to know something is fun. I get notifications directly to my phone from the AP Poll's Twitter feed just so I can get the poll as soon as it comes out, even though it comes out at 2 P.M. every Sunday. However, why do we obsess over knowing what our first-grade teacher's son's ex-wife's dog did today? Most of the time, we don't even know these people that we watch so closely. Sure, we have met them one or two times, or maybe we work with them but hardly talk, or something of the like. But, does that mean we really know someone? When a person meets someone new, they automatically check the big three - Facebook first, Instagram second, Twitter third. Then they follow/add them if they deem them worthy, and, if so, then they're friends forever. Wait, that makes no sense. They don't know each other; they just met. So why do they claim to be friends? Because it makes them feel good to have an extra person following their every move? Or is because they will have someone new to entertain them?

What about keeping around people who drive you crazy? I know that I, personally, have one friend on Facebook that I keep around just because her statuses are so ridiculous that they make me laugh. But why do we keep around the people that we constantly argue with? I see the same people fighting each other on social media every other day. Just come on you guys, block each other. My block list has 64 names on it, and I'll say that 99% of those people I've never had a direct issue with. Those people are annoying or I don't like them. I avoid the drama by nipping it in the bud. People enjoy the constant social media beef because it draws so much attention to them. They get 50 new friend requests and 20 new messages. It makes them feel like they matter, almost like they're famous. So, when someone is getting a ton of likes and shares and messages and retweets, people that follow them feel important too - like their friend is famous, even if they don't agree with whatever brought the attention on, or really even know the person.

We use social media as a way to legally stalk people. There are people who check their ex from three years ago's page every single day, even though they have both moved on and there's no reason to obsess over them. We check the pages of our crushes and our enemies. We check the pages of people who we wouldn't recognize in real life. Is it to make us feel like we have some sort of control? They don't know that I'm looking at pictures of their kids from two years ago, so I win? It's very odd.

Why do we have to post our every move on social media? We need to tell the universe what we cook, what we wear, what we watch, what we drink, and who we party with.

Every. Single. Day.

Doesn't that get a little intrusive? Or does it fill you with pride when someone comments on your chicken alfredo and says "mmm!"? It's about the importance. We judge ourselves by the likes, comments, and exposure we get. That's how we understand our own importance. So, people post the weirdest, little, seemingly unimportant things to get a few likes and some praise, because that's what keeps them going.

To answer the main question here about spending so much time on social media, we do so because it is an insane addiction. From the day you set up your account until the day you finally put it down for good, it can consume you. You fall in love with being the first to know something important happened. You obsess over drama, your own or someone else's. You get off on the likes. You love the power of knowing everything about someone without them knowing that you know. It causes so much harm that it shouldn't be normal. We don't really make friends anymore because we have so many online pals that we don't have time to go watch a movie or go bowling. We don't actually read the news, we rely on our social media accounts to keep us unbiased and constantly informed on everything (how wrong!). We don't even have to get to know someone before we date them, we just skim over their profiles and then - BAM! - we're together. But most of all, we waste valuable time on this bogus addiction because we just can't stop. Access to it is so easy, and it's always there. There's always something new. It's never boring. So why not look at it every time there's a break in a conversation or a long red light on the way to work?

I call for everyone to drop their social media accounts for a week. Do something new. Find a real-life friend. Don't let yourself depend on seeing Theresa's daily dog pictures and Joey's angry rants about the mail man. Change your outlook on what's important.

As a writer, I need social media to be my catalyst to get my work out there, so I keep it around. However, I keep my distance. I know it's addictive, so if I see myself getting too attached, I deactivate for a while. I think everyone should live in a similar way. Social media can be a great thing (a networking tool, an easy way to commincate with a large group of people, a place to share your creations, a place to buy and sell things easily, etc). We must stop allowing social media to be the downfall of society and make it be a force for good in the world.

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Benefits and Reasons to Start Playing Foosball

Why You Should Play Foosball

Foosball game, also known as soccer is a game which you can play in your house on a foosball table. The game is a popular sport in the homes of the European countries. It has earned its reputation among the football fans very much. People who are not able to play football take this game as an alternate version of football. Though it is not actually football, it has got a vast number of similarities with the football game. Many people claim that the foosball game is only for fun and it has absolutely no impact in our life. The statement is wrong. The game is not for time pass or fun only. It has several advantages and benefits with it. In your gaming room, the video games are not enough. They harm you in many ways. On the other hand, the foosball game will help you in different ways as it has a lot of benefits. If you got the best foosball table, you will definitely get the benefits from it. To know about the advantages, keep reading the article.

Improves the Communication among the Players

The foosball game contains several players. During the match, players need to talk to each other for various reasons. They can know each other by talking about basic information about them. Also, they can gossip or talk about the current affairs of the world. Or even they can share their opinions about a recent football match. This will improve the communication among them. In this way, players can make new friends. The extra pressure of work makes you apart from your near ones. By playing the gamer together, you can get back to them as there will lots of fun and talk about several topics and the game as well.

Available for All

You can say that it is one of the best advantages of foosball table games. The game is available for all. There is no age restriction or another type of restrictions for the foosball game. From the child to the old people, everyone is eligible to play the game. Purchasing a foosball table will save your money for the game rooms. As the game can be played by all ages of your family members, you do not have to buy any more table sports game for your house. All of the members can enjoy the game equally. There are several physically disabled people in different families. These people are deprived of the entertainment like games. They can play the foosball game too. It needs fewer hand movements than the other games.

Provides Different Health Benefits

Another great benefit of the foosball game is, it benefits your health in many ways. The game keeps you active during the leisure time. When you are free from the work and you have nothing to do, you probably use facebook or watch videos on YouTube. But these are not beneficial for our health. These social sites make us dull and monotonous. To avoid the monotonousness, you should play the foosball in free time. Besides, the game is a suitable treatment for the patients with Osteoarthritis and Arthritis issues. This kind of diseases need sufficient movement and workout for the body. The game allows the players to move quickly and thus treat the patients who are suffering from above problems.

A Game of Real Fun

The game will not make you upset or sad in any way. No matter if you win or loss the match, you are going to enjoy it with lots of fun. In a foosball table match, there is more than 1 player which makes it more enjoyable. There will be different talk about the match, or about a player. Suppose someone is playing bad. You can taunt him with your group. All of a sudden, he bounces back like a pro. Now it will be his time to give back the taunts he got. In this way, the match will be more pleasurable. There will be no stress while you are playing the game. You will have fun even after losing the game.

Way of Talk about a Project or even Business

Another useful advantage of the foosball game is, you can talk about any important class project with your friends while playing foosball. People can also use the game arena to discuss their businesses. There are a lot of projects nowadays given to the students. Due to lack of space, students have to talk about these projects in their houses. The house is not a decent place as there is not enough space or enough chance to talk. In that situation, the sports pub can be a good place to meet. You can meet there with friends and talk about the project while playing the foosball. Besides, people can talk, discuss or even finalize business deal while playing foosball as the environment is very pleasing.

Prevents Poor Posture

The foosball table is must-have table game in the office. Not only for entertainment purpose but also the table serves useful purposes to the bodies of the employees. The employees have to sit all day long in an office and do the works. If they get a break, they will probably check their social media accounts or take a nap. It’s very harmful your body to sit all day long. The long sitting on a chair makes our body posture poor. You will feel different type of pains after getting back to your home. To get rid of this issue, the foosball table is a perfect solution. If the employees play the foosball in their free time, their bodies will get enough movements. The game will be a way of workout which will make your posture decent.


There are a bunch of benefits playing the foosball game. You will get health benefits along with more advantages. It will keep your mind fresh and peaceful. The game is also a great way to workout. When you don’t have enough time for going to the gym, try to play this kind of games. It will make your body stout and active. Don’t use the Facebook or Twitter only in your free time. Avoid these things and try to make the habit of playing foosball. Foosball will make your life happier and obviously healthier.

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