Why Do We Always Say We Want To Do Things But Never Do

I want to do this, I want to do that. All anybody does anymore is wish and want. So why is nobody actually doing these things? Is it money stopping everybody or is it just time constraints? I can't say I'm not guilty of these types of behaviors, but why is it? What is the real reason?

Travelling to Rome is on your bucket list. Why have you not done that yet? There are very obvious reasons. Money is a huge one. You need a lot of money for a plane ticket, a place to stay, as well as food. Not everybody is a trust fund baby who just has money to do that whenever they so please. Also, who is going to want to go alone? You would want a friend to come along of course, which would require them to have a ton of money as well. It just doesn't work out like that for most people. The common person has a job these days. You would need to take out a lot of time for a big trip. Requesting two days off from work is stressful, let alone two weeks. Which two weeks would not even be enough to explore everything.

So, not travelling to a far away place has very valid reasons. However, if there is a city you want to visit that is a relative distance away, why have you not done it yet? There's not much stopping you. There's not much stopping me either, but I can't quite put my finger on what is preventing these adventures. Asking for a few days off from work isn't a big deal. Also, not everything you do has to cost a lot. Maybe we should all just start doing these things we want to do. There's nothing truthfully stopping us.

We will never know the real reason why we aren't just doing these spontaneous things. We all could just be really lazy, or we all just want to keep earning our money and moving on with life.

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