For those of you who don't know, Juul is an e-cigarette company that has been getting very popular as of late. To help everyone understand what's going on with this phenomenon, I'm breaking down the five main aspects that make the Juul so popular.

The Look

One of the many things that make this product so popular is its look. The creators designed a product that appeals visually to a lot of people. They did so by making the Juul a rectangular shaped product that is both slick and slim. They designed the perfect looking item that effectively turns the average joe into the guy that everyone wants to be friends with (I've seen and experienced this first hand).

Keeps You Coming Back for More

Everyone may start off using the Juul for the cool party tricks or because people pretend to like them in order to give it a whirl, but what Juul did to keep consistent customers is implementing a large amount of nicotine into each puff. Turns out that if you put a highly addictive substance in something, people will buy it again and again. I guess addiction actually does benefit some people.

The Mystery

Who doesn't love a good mystery every now and then? Well, there's a lot of debate about whether the Juul or similar e-cigarettes are bad for your health and cause cancer. Some say they do and some say they don't, but there still isn't any conclusive evidence one way or the other. This plays into the inner thrill-seeker in all of us. From skydivers to stay at home moms, we all enjoy a quick flirtatious chat with danger every now and then. I mean who doesn't love not knowing if they're gonna develop some incurable form of cancer? All things considered, you'd be crazy not to hop on this trend.

Party Tricks

OK, let's be honest for a second. The real reason anyone gets a Juul is that so they can help attract numerous friends and/or a mate with some amazing vapor tricks. Between making little circles of smoke and making a smoke tornado, these tricks are guaranteed to make you the coolest guy in town. (Disclaimer-I don't mean "guy" in a male sense. I don't believe in binary genders.)

The Fruity Goodness

Not only is the Juul the best looking item on the market, but it's the best tasting one too. There may be other similar e-cigarette products on the market, but none of them are able to match the high nicotine percentages balanced with the salivating flavors. Who doesn't love the oh-so-delicious mixture of nicotine and mango with a slight possibility of cancer? I know I do. Some of their other quality flavors consist of mint, tobacco, cucumber, and fruit.

Keys to starting your own business

After breaking down the success of the Juul, there are five easy rules you need to follow to invent the next big idea. First of all, make it black because black is just a cool color. After you do that, make your product appeal to young people by advertising that it can do "cool tricks" and comes in delicious fruity flavors. Now that you have young people interested in your "cool" and "fun" product, you have to keep them coming back for more. "How do you do this?", you might ask. It is simple. Just add in a highly addictive substance to your product, and boom, it's a hit. Disclaimer: In order to really be successful with this business model, it is imperative that you gain a loyal (addicted) customer bases before your product can be linked to any illness or be proven to be harmful.

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