Why Dating A Engineer Major Is Actually The Best
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Why Dating A Engineer Major Is Actually The Best

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Why Dating A Engineer Major Is Actually The Best

A person who means the absolute world to me once said, “We don’t get to choose who we fall in love with, but we can make decisions on who we date.” While I do concur with this statement I am one who personally believes that in our lives we will all meet that one person that we know in our heart that we fall in love with instantly.

When I first met my girlfriend all she could talk about was her love for the sport of softball and how she didn’t exactly know what she wanted to career wise but she knew that she wanted to help people in some capacity which to me is a very rare thing for people to have because one of the things I live by is that helping people can be a huge difference in their life. All of that lead her to pursuing a degree in biomedical engineering at a very prestigious and difficult engineering school

I am a communications major with interest in broadcasting at a school with many students interested in media fields quite like mine where we all learn multiple things in order to pursue different career paths. So a question that is inevitable by some people because it is human nature is, why would a engineer want to have a relationship with a person who is trying to pursue a position in media a completely different field mentally, physically, and financially.

I could help with her with any computer problems she might have, look over some of her papers for any grammar mistakes, or she could help me study for my arch rival being a math exam. I personally believe that relationships between two people that are in the same field can become stale faster than others due to them running out of things to talk about. With Caitlyn in the almost four amazing years of dating we have never run out of anything to talk about. She could tell me about some new engineering project she is working on while I can show her the meanings behind a certain shot for a movie and how it increases the plot.

Overall though the reason why dating a engineer or better yet dating Caitlyn is the best, is because she loves me for who I am and for something that I am not. Something that I am not afraid to admit is that when I first asked her out she said no, that’s the scary things about relationships is that we don’t know what is going to happen but yet its also what makes them so exciting. She even accepts me for my POP Funko vinyl collection and my love of professional wrestling, star wars, and monster movies. Because that's what relationships are about exploring new things with someone.

Our relationship has nothing to do with the money, I know that odds of me more likely being successful than her are not in my favor but that is something I can honestly not give a you know what about. We both like to say that we are both each others support systems whether its me trying to tell her everything will be okay for a exam she has coming up or her supporting me when I am doing TV, radio, and voiceovers back to back in the end we both push each other to reach our goals which has made are relationship even stronger.

Caitlyn has been there for me for almost four of the most amazing years of my life. She has been there for me for my biggest and even worst moments of my life and has helped me grow not just as a loving boyfriend but as a man also. I have been there for her at every softball game, charity event she hosts, or project presentation she has that I can attend. We both are people who don’t want to be defined by our majors or careers, we want to be defined by the things we accomplish but also being two people that try to look at the best things in life. I know both our roads to the top of our careers aren’t going to be easy but having her and our cat Oliver by my side I know will only make all of the obstacles easier in the long run. Plus, while I’ll be calling games, hosting a radio show, or doing voiceovers for a Batman show (hopefully) I’m practically dating a superhero who is trying to find ways to save lives everyday. She is also not afraid to talk about what it's like to date a communications major. It really doesn’t get much cooler than that. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for the both of us.

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