1. Not wearing shower shoes.

You don't realize how nice it is to just simply take a shower, and not have two flaccid and wet flaps of plastic sticking to your feet and squishing down the hall.

2. Having almost any amenity you need within reach.

For a few shorts weeks, you won't have to worry about buying your own toilet paper, or remembering to get ramen for your dorm. You can simply live freely and thank your parents for taking such great care of you when you get home.

3. Having your animals with you.

There is nothing nicer than coming home from a long semester at school to your companion, and knowing you'll be able to love on them and spend as much time as you want with them during the duration of your stay,

4. Spending quality "you" time.

Have roommates that annoy you? Have roommates that don't annoy you, but you just really appreciate being alone? This is one of the best things about returning home, just shutting your door, and knowing no one will come in and have to coexist in the same space with you.

5. Instead of worrying about phone calls and schedules, your love ones are (most likely) near you.

It's forgotten what it's like to just go downstairs and have a cup of coffee with your mom while you're so busy at school.

6. Doing laundry for free.

Some schools make students pay for their laundry in the dorms, which can add up over time. It's comforting to think you can throw a load in on your own time and save your money for more important things.

7. Choosing whether you want to see other people or not.

Living in a dorm means at some point you'll bump into someone you don't want to see, whether that be in the hall, bathroom, or common areas. When you're home, you don't have to worry about that creepy guy from math class staring at you.