To Families On Thanksgiving From College Students Everywhere

To Families On Thanksgiving From College Students Everywhere

We are hungry, sleep deprived, struggling college students. We will eat first, and you will let us.


First off, I should start by expressing my gratitude towards my own family. After all, family is the most important aspect of life. However, this year I am more grateful than I have been in the years past.

I am thankful for getting to sleep in my own bed for a week straight without interrupting slamming doors at various hours or rowdy college kids sprinting down the hall.

I am thankful that I get to unwind and watch Netflix for a week straight without questioning myself: Did I really study enough? Do I deserve to relax?

I am thankful that I do not have to shed any tears this week, because of my malicious grades. For the first time since this semester has started, I will not have any anguish towards myself for reviewing numerous hours just to pull a C- on a midterm.

I am thankful that I do not have to scrape together change to wash and dry my clothes.

I am thankful that this week 8 a.m.'s do not exist.

Most importantly: I am thankful for home-cooked meals.

Please, mentally prepare yourselves for the short future ahead. On Thursday, November 24, you all will see a side of me that I have masked for too long. Right now I am speaking for college students everywhere.

We do not care if you sit us at the "kids" table anymore. Do it.

You may think that I am above tripping a small child; but, I am here to tell you- I am not. Believe me when I say we will fight our seven-year-old cousins for Grandma's chicken and noodles.

College has truly changed me. If you think I have gained fifteen pounds from all the scrumptious food I have been enjoying, then I want you to know you are miserably mistaken. My clothes fit tighter because the stress that builds up and my constant anxiety. Cheeseburgers and Chinese food for every meal seem amazing until you literally eat it for breakfast lunch and supper for 16 weeks straight.

Sometimes I do not even eat. Am I trying to starve myself? No. In fact, most days I feel as if my stomach is literally eating its insides. Rather than waste my time venturing 10 minutes, I will lay in bed and think "Is the long walk to the dining hall really worth it?" Once I arrive, my first assumptions stand true-my appetite is gone, and it is pizza again.

Not to mention, we cannot use stoves in the dorms. So when the dining hall closes at 8 p.m., my only option is to warm up ramen noodles in the microwave and force myself to believe I enjoy them a little crunchy, or order take out; but, we all know that requires money which broke college students simply cannot afford.

I am sorry, but we don't come home to answer your endless questions that degrade us. For the love of all that is holy, skip the small talk. I've spent the last three months at school. The last thing I need is to recap the horrid memories of midterms and wearing the same pair of jeans three times a week because I do not have enough time or quarters to do laundry. The only major question you should consider asking is what is on our Christmas list.

Families, please, if there is a college student attending your thanksgiving dinner:

Feed Them First.

We deserve it.

To be honest, little Suzie Q would be sufficient with a Happy Meal. Don't you want all the labor you put into this delicious feast to be appreciated? I promise, college students everywhere will be more thankful than the mischievous children running around whining as they're forced to try the green bean casserole.

Aunts, Uncles, Cousins Once Removed, please when I'm standing at the front of the line for food with your little ones, don't judge me. I've judged myself enough for all of us this semester. I promise to be nice to your beloved children... as long as they do not get in the way between me and my home-cooked meal.


Hangry College Students

Cover Image Credit: Rick's Cafe Texan

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It's Time To Celebrate The Holiday Heroes We Hardly Speak Of

It's time we stop taking these men and women for granted.


For the hardworking employees of FedEx, UPS, DHL, TNT Express, etc., there is no such thing as a holiday vacation. While many US families take several days to weeks away from the office/school to build gingerbread houses, go skiing, and put up the Christmas tree, delivery men and women strap on their winter boots and head to the trucks.

There seems to be a sort of luxury to holiday gift shopping the 21st Century - we simply search what we're looking for, click 'purchase', and wait for the item to arrive at our doorstep in 5 to 7 business days. If we're really in a pinch, we can opt for "express shipping" which delivers your package THE VERY NEXT DAY for an extra fee. However, because of these conveniences and advancements in modern-day society, deliverymen are suffering during the holiday season. In 2017, UPS drivers had been asked "to work 70 hours over an eight-day period" just to keep up with the rapid influx of packages and letters. Shockingly, this increase in overtime could not cover the number of parcels needing to be delivered (even with the extra employees they hire during the holidays), so office workers were required to do some delivery.

UPS spokesman Steve Gaut said "several hundred" office employees have been assigned to various operations roles, from sorting packages to assisting drivers as seasonal helpers, over the last few weeks.

Accountants, marketing assistants, and custodial staff were left to use their personal vehicles to deliver packages, often being asked to "change clothes and go to a local site that day or the next day" for fear of being recognized. Additionally, to compensate for a large number of packages on daily routes, UPS drivers had no choice but to work during their break-times. This forced many employees to drive hungry, exhausted, and in pain from a lack of bathroom breaks. Some employees even admitted to carrying empty water bottles in the trucks so that they could relieve themselves without having to venture off route and decrease productivity. One FedEx employee described his daily tasks as exhausting in quoting, "My body is completely destroyed. I am so afraid of getting injured and not being able to work."

Trust me, I know that online shopping is a gift sent from the gods - it's often cheaper, easier, and quicker than going to the mall. It also provides an abundance of job opportunities across America, employing 374,000 workers in just UPS alone. Thus, I am not encouraging you to cut back on your holiday purchases, but instead, show a little respect and kindness towards your local delivery person. They have families and presents and decorations to worry about, too. But most importantly, they're human. Whether your parcel arrives a day late, your delivery comes slightly damaged, or the item you had ordered wasn't what you expected it to be, do not take your frustration out on the drivers. Perhaps, spread some holiday cheer by keeping your rabid dog inside when the truck pulls in front of your house (lol), greeting your deliveryman with a smile, or by offering some treats to get them through their day.

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