Why College Graduation Sucks, As Told By "New Girl"

Remember high school graduation and how awesome it was? Everyone was so excited to leave home and go to college, but we all seem to forget that someday we will all graduate college too. Well, college graduation is the complete opposite of high school graduation. It sucks, and here's why. Oh, and the cast of "New Girl" totally gets it.

1. You have grown a little too accustom to the college lifestyle.

2. You feel old AF when you see kids these days and refuse to enter the real world because of it.

3. You tried being an adult once, and it was the worst five seconds of your life.

4. People won't stop asking what you're doing after graduation.

5. And you respond in the only way you know how.

6. You try to look on the bright side, like how awesome having a degree is.

7. Because you refuse to be unsuccessful.

8. So you start praying for a meteor to occur so you don't have to graduate.

9. Because you absolutely refuse to leave all of the amazing friends you have made.

10. But, unfortunately, it has to happen. You have to move on from the most fun part of your entire life.

11. Basically, graduation blows.

12. And let's be real, being an adult sucks and you suck at it.

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