Why Am I A Christian?

I got asked this question this past weekend and I didn't really know how to answer it, but now I do.

It's not what your thinking probably.

Not because I have to be because I live in the great country of America and under God, I pledge, but because it is what makes sense.

If I lived anywhere else it is STILL WHAT WOULD MAKE SENSE.

Of course, I grew up in a Christian home, so, of course, I have been taught about the great man up above since birth, but you grow up, you see new things, new possibilities, new religions. It all comes back to this, though, God, the heavenly, true, masterpiece who created the heavens and the Earth is the one true God.

Now, I'm not looking for arguments and I would never tell you my religion is better than yours. I want to explain why my God is the most amazing one out there.

Not only did he create it all, but he also made the words of the Bible flesh by sending his only son to die for our sins! Can you imagine? Your only child, your baby, getting sent to die and take the sins of those who have offended you and done you wrong away from them? You think you could do it? NO! That is how awesome my God is. He loves all of us so much that he literally sent his only son to die for us, to take our sins away when we sin against him every day. Imagine how much sin is in the world? Now imagine how much suffering that must have been? Could you watch your baby go through that? All of that suffering for what? To watch his children steal, kill, and deceive him every day?

Not all of his children are like that, though.

When you get old enough, you start to see who are real Christians, who are hypocrites, and who just don't really know what they believe. Most people believe there is a God somewhere, but they don't know exactly who or what he is. That is where the real Christians come in. Their job is to go out and tell these people about him and his amazing, wonderful works he has done for all of us. They are supposed to convince them that he is real and alive in them by living by his word and making the right choices. Now the hypocrites will try to tell others about him, but they don't live by his word most of the time, they try, but they fail on purpose because they know what they are doing, which makes others believe they can do that too. That why they are called "hypocrites", because for example if they tell one person they shouldn't lie to their parents because the bible says so, then they go and do it, didn't they just say not to do that? Makes you wonder if Christianity is really the way to go huh?

The real Christians though, you can just look at them and know they have the one almighty God in their life. They are always happy, now they do make mistakes and go through really hard times, but nothing really can bring them down because they know that have the best greatest back up there is, God.

Why would you not want to have so much joy in your life you don't know what to do with it? Why would you want to go through trials and tribulations wondering if giving up is the answer because there is no alternative?

Without God there is no alternative. God is the alternative.

That is why it just makes sense to be a Christian.

It's not just that it makes sense, though. When you realize that God is the ONE TRUE GOD, something will come over you. An urge to chase after him, not literally run to the sky, but just to dig deeper into his word and talk to him. Once you learn how extraordinary he really is, all you want to do is tell others about him. You want to surround yourself with other Godly people, but you also want to go tell the "lost" people all the amazing things he has done for us. What all he will do. Where you will go after you leave this Earth. You want to go help his people out. His people are everyone on this planet. You want to feed the hungry, help the poor, and heal the sick, just like he sent Jesus to do.

You want to be more like him.

That's why I am a Christian.

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