Why I Chose To Be Happy

There comes a time in our lives where we choose. We chopse which college to attend, we choose whether or not we like waking up early to get coffee in the mornings, and we choose whether or not to study for exams in school. However, one of the most important choices that I have realized is choosing whether or not to be happy. Although this may seem like such a simple choice, it's harder than it seems, and it's not always so easy.

1. Be more positive:

When you start paying attention to all of the negative things you might say or do, they add up fast. Instead, count the positive things you do every day for others. Catch up with an old friend, text your siblings, or start up a new hobby. Stop reflecting on the mistakes you made in the past and reflect on the great things you may become in the future.

2. Rid the negative individuals from your life:

Or as Lindsay Lohan says in Mean Girls, suck out all of the poison from your life. I remember a time where I did not realize that I was surrounded by negativity, I thought people were just like that, and there was nothing I could do. The truth is, you don't have to stay up late gossiping about others. You don't have to go out every single night instead of focusing on important things, and you don't have to do things that make you feel like you aren't fulfilling your experience in life. It is important to do what you want, and not follow others into the darkness.

3. Make your own choices:

Never let anyone live your life for you, but more importantly, do not live through anyone but yourself. Never feel like you have to have others around you to make yourself happy. Focus on yourself first, and then bring others into the mix. It will make everything so much easier and less stressful in the end.

4. You only live once, so live:

I've grown to dislike this phrase because it is printed on every other spring break tank from 2011, but it's important to remember. For so long I spent my time trying to make others either like me or approve of me, or I just tried to make others happier than I was. However, I learned how to truly be happy. Remember to love yourself, to try new things, live through new experiences, and to most importantly, be happy during this new year.

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