It may not be for everyone. People all like different cuisines. People like Chinese food, Mexican food, Italian food, etc. There are fast food chains dotting the streets, whether it’s McDonald’s, Starbucks, Wendy’s, Chick-Fil-A, Burger King, Checkers, KFC and the like. But if you tell me you’ve never tried Chipotle, I may just have to drag you with me to get it! It’s amazeballs. You may judge me for saying this, but I get a salad from Chipotle. I’ve never had a burrito from there but everyone I know who has adores them. The food tastes fresh and won’t break the bank (we know guac is extra by now). It’s a good “fast food” place. I even heard the brand may be expanding to burgers. What do you think of that? Chipotle may have been in the headlines for some not-so-good reasons, but I’m a fan and I’ll tell you why.

1. They claim to not use GMO ingredients. Healthy food is important, but unfortunately these days strawberries are the size of a fist because of GMOs. It’s nice to hear that Chipotle uses non-GMO ingredients, because I don’t want my tomato to be injected with salmon so that it’s the size of my head.

2. Their bags have cool pictures and stories on them. I know this may be weird because we all throw the bag away, but it's nice that stories and pictures are featured on the bags. Even some inspirational quotes are thrown into the mix for an added touch.

3. You get a lot of food. I mean, granted it’s not huge (unless you get a double meat burrito), but you will certainly be full once leaving the doors of the ever-so-popular Chipotle. At least I’m full.

4. On Halloween, if you go into a Chipotle store in costume, you get a free burrito! Yes please! Okay, so I assume you will see a lot of adults dressed up as cats.

5. They have a not-so-secret menu (like most other fast food chains). Did you know you can order nachos or even a quesarito? Yes, it’s a burrito wrapped in a quesadilla! Say what?

6. The guac is fresh and tasty even though it's extra. Yes, yes we know. I guess it’s company policy to say that, right?

7. There are a lot of options based on your dietary needs. I do low-carb and can easily go to Chipotle with friends or on dates and follow my diet plan. I get a salad.

8. Want to know my personal favorite? My order is as follows: salad, chicken, guac, cheese and sour cream. Boring some may say, but low carb for me and perfectly tasty!

What is your favorite fast food chain? Is it Chipotle? Or are you a fan favorite of Starbucks? Do you like the munchkins from Dunkin Donuts better than anything from Starbucks? What do you like best? Have you ever even had Chipotle? Do you get guac (and know it’s extra)?