7 Reasons Why I Am Basic During The Fall And Proud Of It
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7 Reasons Why I Am Basic During The Fall And Proud Of It

To the haters: Don't judge me just because I enjoy the basic things in life.

7 Reasons Why I Am Basic During The Fall And Proud Of It

The same thing happens every year around this time. The temperatures start dropping, Starbucks starts debuting their new seasonal drinks (you know I'm talking about the PSL), yoga pants are back in season and you can officially light the 87 pumpkin scented candles in your apartment all at once. Fall is here, and there is a group of girls who are more excited than most people. These girls have adopted a name that started a couple years back that society hasn't seemed to shake yet. Some are proud (I know I am) and some are ashamed of their title.

These girls are, excuse my french, the basic bitches. What exactly is a "basic bitch" you might ask? According to Urban Dictionary, a basic bitch is a noun that describes a stereotypical suburban high school or college-aged female. Most often seen wearing yoga pants, over-sized university hoodies or UGG boots. These girls are often seen gathering at your local Starbucks or Chipotle. When seen in public, they most likely will be with other basics or texting their BFF on their iPhone.

Although I think the term is overused and slightly offensive, I embrace it fully when the seasons change. Here are seven reasons why I consider myself "basic" in the fall:

1. Fall/Winter clothes are so much better.

I'm not going to lie, the summer is when I am the most insecure about my body. When it is 175 degrees in the south every day, you are forced to wear shorts and tank tops and just deal with what you look like. In the fall, there are more exciting and more appealing options. These include jeans, flowing shirts, vests, piko's, ankle boots, and so much more. I think it is so much easier to put together an outfit in the fall and you feel super comfortable wearing it.

2. The return of everything PUMPKIN.

I kind of hate that I am so obsessed with this fall phenomenon. Pumpkin drinks, pumpkin food, pumpkin candles, I don't discriminate. If it's pumpkin and it's relatively cheap, I'm buying it. No lie, I have two pumpkin candles lit up next to me as I am writing this. It doesn't help that all I see on Pinterest these days is EVERYTHING PUMPKIN. I have no shame in my pumpkin game.

3. No shave November...and October and December.

Okay I'm kidding. Kind of. In the summer you are forced to shave every other day, if not every day. I personally feel gross if I am walking around in shorts and I have been slacking on my shave game. When it gets cold outside and all you wear is jeans and leggings, you are allowed to slack off a little bit. It makes showers shorter and it makes your life a hell of a lot simpler.

4. I don't feel as pressured to have beautifully bronzed skin.

In the summer I always feel a little obligated to be tan. It's just a personal preference. I feel more confident in summer clothes when I am tan because I think it makes the outfit look better. It is really hard for me to get any type of color because I have naturally fair skin and I am pretty against going to tanning beds. In the fall and winter, I embrace my paleness and have zero worries in the world when it comes to my skin.

5. It's cuddle season!

If you aren't single like me, cuddling up with your significant other is better than ever when it gets chilly outside. There is something about the fall and winter vibes that heat up the romance between you and your partner. There is nothing like coming in from a cold night and bundling up on the couch to watch a movie. If you are single, I suggest investing in a dog.

6. One of the best holidays is finally here. Halloween!

I love Halloween. Nothing screams "fall" more than this spooky holiday. Back in high school, the goal was the dress as skimpy as you could to go to Halloween parties held in your friends basements. Now, a lot of girls, including myself, make their own outfits based on their favorite movie or television characters or just something creative and funny. Going to parties is fun and all, but I'm all about the next day clearance deals in the candy aisle at Walgreens.

7. Last but not least, it is completely okay to be as basic as I want to be.

Even if you refuse to call yourself "basic," we all know that there is a little bit inside of you that wants to shine through every time this glorious season comes around. If you were able to relate to these points, congratulations, you are basic, just like me! Forget the haters, do all of the things that make you happy and content during the fall and winter seasons. It only happens once a year.
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