Athletes are great inspiring people and they do so much for our society. They entertain people every time they step on the playing field or court to put on a show for fans all across the world. I have never been a big fan of watching movies or TV shows, so sports have been always been my favorite source of entertainment. I have been to many minor and major league baseball games, a professional basketball game, and plenty of high schools sports games. There is nothing like attending a sports game in person, but watching from home is still a great time too.

Every year my friends and I will get together to watch the Super Bowl, NFL Draft, NBA All-Star Game, and many exciting games throughout the year. The amount of record-breaking views many games get is incredible and makes the sports league so much money and create entertainment for people all over the world.


The NFL plays 16 games a year before playing 3-4 playoff games depending on the performance of the team over the season. They have to travel around for half of the year playing and practicing in a new place every week. These players are apart from their families and have to stay in hotels and eat out at many places. These people miss out on events for their children and have to make sacrifices for their families. These players have to go through intense practices and workouts to stay strong and in shape so they can perform at their best. The players are usually working on their game and watching film in their off time to improve their game. These players also risk many injuries to their brain and body as they constantly are tackled, hit, and pushed around.


NBA players have to travel around for 6 months playing 82 games plus playing 4-7 game playoff series depending on how the team performs. The NBA has some road trips for teams that last weeks and the teams can play 10 games in a different city every other night and sometimes back to back games. They have to condition themselves to run up and down the court every night and keep their strength to heir standard. These players make sacrifices to be away from their families for 6-7 months a year to be without living in their home with their families.


The NHL is grueling because it also keeps you away from your family year round and lasts 82 games for 6-7 months including the same playoff system as the NBA. The players have to condition themselves to skate up and down the ice not just run on the court. NHL players have to endure getting physically hit and taking the chance of being involved in fights during the games, so they must prepare their body to endure these things and the abilities to perform well.


MLB players have to travel around a lot starting their spring training in Florida and then they play 162 games for the regular season. This is followed by playoff series like the NBA and NHL. Players have to bat multiple times a game and then play out in the field and these games can sometimes get played for hours if there is a tie because they play until a team wins. They are away from their families from March until October every year and have to play all summer long in the heat.

All-League Factors

All 4 of these major sports league have problems with dealing with constant media attention especially when their team and individual play is not to standard. If a player is playing really well they will constantly have the attention on them to flood their lives so they can get news on the popular star. I love to attend sports conventions to meet athletes and it is another event athletes attend. The players have to travel to these shows and promotional appearances to meet and greet fans all day and sometimes having constant attention is not for everyone and they do not always get paid to do these events. The endorsement meetings and events they receive along with guest starring in shows, movies, and talk shows can really take its toll on their busy lives. A lot of these guys have families and kids to take care of and spend time with. Also, athletes must go through a lot of pressure to perform and have a constant view of the whole world watching them. The athletes battle minor and major injuries all the time and that can affect their ability to have a functioning healthy brain and body to live life after their career. Another factor is the athletes sign contracts and do not always get to choose where they want to play, so they cannot always control their job and place of living. These stars have to work hard and prove their worth in order to get the position unlike everyday jobs for society where you get the job after your interview. The last major factor is social media because fans can always directly talk to their athletes and bug them with the way they feel. Athletes get constant criticism and hate from people and affect their happiness and mental health due to the harsh words.

Athletes go through more than we realize and have constant difficulties with dealing with the media and public way more than we do, They also have to be apart from their friends and family for long period of time and do not have the constant control of their job and place of living.I think we as people need to be more encouraging and positive about all these players do for us and not criticize them as much, because they have more on their plate than we realize. A lot of these guys are inspiring and work hard to improve our society. These guys do charity events and help people out as much as they can, and they also entertain us every time the spotlight is on them.