Why I Actually Like My University

Why I Actually Like My University

You always read about why Universities suck. But what are some things UTSA is doing right (some of the time)?


I recently ran across an article highlighting why someone doesn’t like their University. As entertaining as it was, I realize I really do like my University: The University of Texas at San Antonio.

I ended up at UTSA after a series of events surrounding my high school. UTSA came in almost like a knight in shinning armor and offered me a nice little scholarship for my first year. Now I’m not going to lie, there are a ton of things that I don’t like about UTSA(namely costs and tuition) but there are plenty of things I do enjoy.

1. Class registration

Yes, we have to plan out our schedules weeks in advance and wake up at 6 something a.m. on registration day to make sure we get the class we want, but comparing it to some other Universities, I enjoy that. Some schools you have to wait in line to see an advisor who will register for you, giving you slim pickings of availability if those in front of you registered before you.

2. Degree Works

We have this nifty thing called Degree Works that helps us plan out what we need to take and options provided by the school. I find it super helpful because it gives you a options to test out different class options using its “What If” feature to see how much closer you’ll get to graduating.

3. The campus

UTSA Main Campus is one of the best built campuses I have seen (excluding the parking availability, ugh). All the building are built relatively close, so making it from one class to another is relatively easy to do, even in the summer. And even if you do have a class on the opposite side of the campus, there are a few shuttles that will get you there within a 20 minute time frame.

4. Friendly professors

Of course there will ALWAYS be those professors that are incredibly hard to deal with and really do not care much for their students. But in my experience, I have found plenty of UTSA professors to be very interested in their students’ wellbeing and willing to work with them to best understand material.

5. Student activities staff

Being a part of an organization on campus, I am so thankful to have such helpful student activities staff. It didn’t take long to get very comfortable with many of the head staff as most all of them see us as budding leaders within our peers and treat us with respect.

6. Student organization availability

There is so much to choose from when it comes to UTSA. From the Korean Club to tried and true Fraternity and Sorority Life, there is a niche for everyone no matter what you are into. Even within Fraternity and Sorority Life you’ll find a perfect fit within its several councils.

7. UTSA sponsored events

My favorite part of UTSA is that there is always something to do. From the Black Heritage Banquet to Fiesta UTSA, there is always a ton of things to do on campus. Most events are free and those that aren’t usually come with a great meal for a small price. Some of the “freebies” that I love are Movie night, Calle UTSA, and the random snack pop-ups like “create your own sundae”. The ones that cost(but not by much) are things like the Black Heritage or Latino/a Heritage Banquets, Fiesta UTSA, or Best Fest.

8. Finals freebies

During finals, UTSA offers a ton of things. My favorites have been the puppy room(they bring in puppies for you to play with! AWWEE), Messages, Student Gov. will sometimes hand out free scantrons and parscores, and other fun and creative workshops around campus.

These are just a few things that I love about UTSA. As it continues to strive for Tier One, I have come to appreciate the little things they do for the students. Being an active student on campus, I see a lot that UTSA has to offer that some Universities don’t and those little things make my time here quirky, fun, and fulfilling.

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