Who's Real?
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Who's Real?

In a modern world where Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and Facebook exist

Who's Real?

Imagine logging into Instagram and seeing that no one has posted to your feed. You are hit by the feelings of loneliness and depression. You are unable to connect with your friends and catch up on their lives. As a common problem in society today, decreasing self-confidence has taken precedence over the egotism that is essential to human nature; this lack of love towards one’s self, stems from the need for much more reassurance than currently given. It is completely absurd for people to focus on their relationship with their friends and family, or their dutiful fulfillment of their work, or their dedication to excelling in their athletic training; rather they should be focusing on YOU and nothing else. Attention is shifted away from your life and to other events happening in others’ lives that are “more important than you.” If they don’t know where you are at any time of the day, what kind of friend would they be? This diffidence must be put to an end. With most of the world in crisis over flattening egos and deflating arrogance, people are left feeling unworthy and isolated. The youth of today are left with a black hole of loneliness, one that can only be solved through continuous attention.

In the face of sufficient and constant praise and assurance, the teens have catalyzed the spread of social media. Through “posts,” they are able to portray every thought and every place they go. But this is not enough. The world must do more than just place their thrilling lives on some invisible stream of never-ending posts. This allows too much room for error; while they are busy scrolling and scrolling through these countless posts, there is no guarantee they are even paying an ounce of attention to any of them. Rather than receiving other’s subconscious “likes” and “comments,” people deserve more. You must shove your fabulous existence into their faces; you must tell them every little detail happening in your life; you must show them your life story; you must encompass their entire world. I propose that we all contribute a small donation to fund a new corporation called iSeeYou, which provides everyone a camera crew, allowing the users to be the center of attention. Viewers are able to log on perpetually to see their close friend at any time of day so they never have to feel alone. Although you cannot actually have conversations with each other, you are still gaining the benefits of genuine quality time. This also solves the problem of the immense insecurity the users have by ensuring that the person would be presented as the main focal point to the viewers, leaving the stars with the interest they deserve. This simple solution would leave people not only less lonely, but give them a support system where they will never feel isolated or abandoned.

In order for this idea to come into full effect, it will need the support of the people; the vast population of the world calls for more than can be provided for by government money alone. Without your full knowledge of the plan, it will not be successfully carried out, because it requires your complete commitment. To fund iSeeYou, a small fee would be necessary to ensure the quality of the work being done. But money should not be the issue if the underlying factor is that this solution will save human lives from the tragedy of being overlooked.

With the new support system, these children are finding new lives; ones full of genuine attention and affection. The Entertainment package would include the classic filters of XX Pro-Appraisal, Valiance, Clarity Commitment, and Perpetual Attention. These filters would ensure that the clients would feel satisfied and wouldn’t have to worry about any insecurity they might have. While they would be sufficient in accomplishing the needs of the users, there is also another package available for a minimal upcharge fee of 25 dollars a month. The Complimentary Package consists of a variety of additional filters, but also the highly sought out editing features as well. For those worrying about whether their smile isn’t white enough, the Deep Clean addition addresses your highest priority. Another issue that might come into play is any blemishes that day; if you want everyone to know how flawless your human nature is, you must use the Perfection Complexion feature for more clear, glowing skin. Anyone self-conscious about their body is able to use the body enhancement portion to alter their body into in ways they never thought possible to make their dream figure. Since the point of iSeeYou is to ensure constant reassurance at all times, some also may be worried about how they look before they go to sleep, but this is not a problem when you get the upgrade to airbrush a light “natural” makeup look so that you know that you look good at all times.

Now that people do not have the excuse of worrying about their physical imperfections, they are ready to show the world every detail of their life. Users are filmed at all parts of the day, so that everyone knows where they are at all times. This is important because the person sets a standard of high importance to the place that they are at, boosting their individual confidence. Overall, iSeeYou reaches its targets in enhancing human features, and maintaining that sense of ultimate community. Rather than always seeking endless approval, the users will know that there will always be someone there. In addition, if someone feels they are not getting an adequate amount of views, they can pay for views in order for people to know how many “friends” they have; this steal is at the value of only 1 dollar per view. As long as they feel supported by their friends and family, they are able to live a life of satisfaction of themselves and their real life. Taking care of your needs and guaranteeing you are the most important thing in their life are the most imperative focuses that iSeeYou recognizes. Don’t worry; you’re in good hands.

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