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Writing For Odyssey

Challenging yet rewarding.

Writing For Odyssey

I’ve been writing for Odyssey for quite a while now, and so I figured I’d do something to the degree of telling Odyssey—and all of my readers in general—how I feel about it.

It’s not as easy as I expected.

I write all of the time. I enjoy writing. That being said, when the idea of writing for an audience of readers comes to me, I hide within my shell. This isn’t due to shyness or cowardice, but because I literally cannot think of anything to write. Why do you think I chose this as my prompt instead of some other more interesting one?

It’s a thankless job.

I don’t say this to detract from Odyssey; what I mean is that writing in general is a thankless job. Literally. Remember any article you’ve ever read on some news site? Did you thank the writer? Didn’t think so.

I’m sure the Facebook spam is unappreciated.

Listen, if you see these once-a-week articles shared by me and you decided to read this one and you find the spam annoying, I’m sorry. It’s weird to look at my Facebook page to see scrolling upon scrolling of shared articles with pictures that my very keen eye so masterfully chose.

At this point it must seem that I hate Odyssey, but that’s not the case. The fact is that I’ve had a relatively good time writing for Odyssey. Here’s why:

Having a voice on the internet is awesome.

Before I wrote for Odyssey, my only articles came as long, multi-paragraph harangues in response to events. Now I get to hide the banter away from direct Facebook view in articles with cool titles and official-looking formats. This leads to my next point.

The Odyssey feels official.

This is a direct result of the fact that Odyssey is ‘official,’ but seriously, it is cool to see something that I put time into writing displayed as if it’s being published to a big-cheese new source.

The people.

People always say good things about the people they know or meet, but the people involved with WPI Odyssey are really kind and helpful.

Odyssey is wonderful. My experiences being a part of it so far have been great, and I’m glad that I did it in the first place. Thanks for reading.

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