Who Should Host SNL Season 42?

Who Should Host SNL Season 42?

It's up for grabs from first-time hosts to former cast members


Miley Cyrus, Chris Pratt, Tina Fey, and Seth MacFarlane. These are the names of the past four celebrities to host the season premier of Saturday Night Live. Now it is time to ask the question that opens up debate once September rolls around: Who should host SNL this year? Some great inclinations on who could possibly host lie within these factors: Is he/she coming off a successful summer? Does he/she have any movies or TV shows debuting soon that need promotion? Is he/she involved in current events and is in need of a publicity stunt? If the answers of any of these questions are "yes", then you might have yourself a potential host. Here are my predicitions on who might host some of the more prominent episodes this season:

Of course, the discussion for who might the premiere is always an interesting one. When I think of who might host this kick-off to the season, I think about who is coming off a block-buster summer from a box office perspective. My prediction to host this covenend episode is Margot Robbie. Riding on the release of Suicide Squad, the actress who played notorious villain Harley Quinn seems like an ideal host for the first episode of the season. Robbie has never hosted SNL before, which runs parallel to Chris Pratt, who opened up Season 40. So, I believe Robbie's involvement in Suicide Squad and growing popularity propels herself into being ready to take on the daunting task as the first host this season.

Next, I believe that Jennifer Lawrence will be the host of the last episoode in December before SNL takes off for a month due to the holiday break. On December 21, Lawrence will premiere her new movie, titled "Passengers", where she will be starring alongside Chris Pratt. With such a big name movie as this one, Lawrence is the perfect for this episode because of her comedic background as it will allow her to promote the new movie in a familiar setting. With a hope that the audience may get their Christmas wish of seeing a Pratt cameo in her monolage or a skit, Lawrence hosting an episode this season seems like a likely bet.

Finally, it has come to the season finale of SNL season 42. Usually, SNL tends to end the season on a high note by bringing former cast members such as Fred Armisen, who hosted the final episode last year. I believe that SNL creator Lorne Michaels will take a similar road this year by selecting Will Forte to host. Forte, who served eight years as a cast member, has found himself some gold with the show "Last Man on Earth" on FOX. When the SNL finale hits television, Forte's show will have come to an end of its second season and will certainly be expecting third to debut in Fall of 2017. If Forte were to host the finale, he would have the chance to bring back iconic characters like The Falconer and of course, MacGruber.

Saturday Night Live fans should have a lot to look forward to this season, as well as intriguing hosts to get them excited for each and every episode.

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