Who Said English Was Easy?
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Who Said English Was Easy?

English has it complexities just as much as STEM does.


So it shouldn't be news that I'm no longer part of the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) world in the sense that I decided Animal Science was not my desired route. I made my way to English and declared creative writing as my concentration. I had to make the switch because I figured out early in my college career that being in a STEM major was not my cup of Kool-Aid. I didn't enjoy the stress that being in this major brought and would continue to bring. I didn't want to have to fight my way through chemistry because I know my limits (sometimes) and that would be pushing it.

So making the switch to English threw those close to me off. They were confused as to why I switched and I think they were disappointed I was no longer in a major that guaranteed a higher pay level. They weren't as enthusiastic about it and just assumed I wanted to be a teacher. No. Stop assuming English majors solely want to teach.

But I digress.

After switching, the topic of whether or not being an English major was easier than STEM came up more times than I can count. I never really paid it any mind nor did I have a reason to. Whenever I hear my friends talk about all of the tests they have coming up or their webassigns are difficult, I'm over in the corner with my cup of tea. I don't necessarily have those problems anymore, depending on the classes I take. There are going to be classes that I have to take tests on the material assigned, so I can have my fair share of exams as well. Don't count me out!

But my life consist of reading, reading, critiquing, writing, editing, and even more reading. There are some discussions thrown in there to mix it up a bit, but the main point is that I'm reading, writing, and editing. Which I can understand why some may think it's easier. I don't have so many formulas and concepts to memorize and understand in order to pass classes. I mean yeah, I did catch a break on that BUT that doesn't make it any easier.

I think people forget that being in creative writing, it's more subjective. There isn't a straightforward answer as to what is wrong or right. I'm focusing more on fiction and there isn't a right way to go, but there's always a different path or maybe I should expand on something. There's always more to do or remove or even just explain it by showing it instead of saying it.

I still have papers to write like everyone else. When I tell people that I have 10 pages to type or I have a minimum word count of 2500, they cringe and thank God that they're in their selected major. And I'm here trying to search my brain for a non too cliche idea that my teacher would love and decides its worthy of a B or higher. Sometimes the page limit can start at 15 pages, which isn't bad unless you're running out of ideas and description or if your plot flat-lines.

So once again, it's subjective. That makes it difficult its own way. Just because I'm not having to memorize formulas and concepts and anything else that a STEM major has to deal with, doesn't make what I do any less complex. It's difficult to please people. They're picky and want what they want. So please stop making my major seem unimportant and less stressful just because you don't understand it.


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