It's another typical day on social media. On Facebook, someone is making a grand announcement; they want everyone to know their latest achievement and how much they struggled to accomplish it so it doesn't seem like they're bragging. Or, there is the emphasis Facebook soapbox post where someone is raging about some social/ political issue. They solidify their anger as people hit the like button; yet, they probably would never advocate for their decree in the flesh. On Twitter and Instagram, news feeds are flooded with people's gym selfies (#gains), healthy lunches (#FitLife) and oh-so cultured experience in a hipster coffee shop. Thus, you keep on scrolling because you're pretty annoyed and 90% of the stuff you see is as relevant as horse manure.

I don't make many actual Facebook posts. I'm more of a Twitter and Instagram person. However, once a week these articles with a picture pop up on my Facebook wall and probably get buried under an online landfill; a.k.a. your news feed. These are not just articles I'm reposting or sharing. I actually wrote them, normally in my spare time, outside of class, sports, work and other obligations. So, before you scroll right over my posts every week, give me three minutes to explain the purpose of my writings and why I am doing this in the first place.

When you read one of my articles, what will you take away from it?
I understand that time is of the essence, time is money and time flies. Therefore, I am never going write something that would be a waste of your time to read. My articles will always make you more informed, make you laugh or make you think. I do not use this as my diary, soapbox or bragging outlet. If you're into that kind of thing, that's mighty fine but you won't find it here. That's what reality T.V. and Taylor Swift are for.

What kind of stuff is Mackenzie going to write about?

Whatever I feel like. I’m pretty random and have a ton of interests. However, if I had to give a ball-park answer, I’d say you can expect to see articles about self-improvement, freedom, outdoors, current events, sports and probably a sarcastic spoof here and there. Everything I write is pretty subtle, straight to the point and sounds like something I’d actually say in real life. I’m a fan of practicality, simplicity, idioms and clever plays on words. I prefer facts, authenticity and wit over sugar-coated pandering.

Why do I do this?

Why write articles when I could be watching a show, taking a nap or shopping? It probably has to do with the fact that I like being productive and making myself better. Writing makes you a better speaker, thinker and all the other paraphernalia they tell you in school. Secondly, writing has always been strength of mine but, freelancing has grown on me. There are no rules, guidelines, or boring prompts, and that’s the style that has always fit me best. Last but not least, I do this to support the Editor and Chief of Hanover’s branch of the Odyssey, Mallory Marrs. She’s only going to be a sophomore but, I’ve always been impressed with her communication and leadership skills. She’s very professional when it comes to running a Student Org.

There you have it. That’s the gist of these articles and why I write them. Even if this is the first and the last article you ever read of mine I’ll leave you with my mantra so you at least gain something out of reading this; “leave it better than you found it,” (Robert Baden-Powell).