Who Is Jill Stein?
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Who Is Jill Stein?

When the media focuses on two evils, let's look at another option

Who Is Jill Stein?
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Who is Jill Stein? That may be the first thing that comes to mind whenever her name comes up in discussion. Jill Stein is the Green Party Presidential Candidate who runs her campaign on the mantra of Power to the People. Her Power to the People plan outlines a progressive plan based on environmentally friendly policies, replacing unemployment offices with employment offices, and a protection of rights for all. A candidate who appeals to the kinder, cool-headed, and perceptive side of voters would seem like the perfect answer to a corrupt politician and a out-of-place businessman, both of which reached the forefront of American political discussions through media manipulation.

Jill Stein's ideal economic policies involve revamping the way unemployment works (instead jobs are created with a livable wage in mind), creating green jobs based her new Green Deal program, and focusing on support for local businesses in their communities. Through her Green Deal program she plans on creating 20 million jobs focusing on mass transit, sustainable energy and agriculture, and improvement in manufacturing cleanliness. Also in this program improvements include: the aging American infrastructure and supporting service jobs that deal with teaching, healthcare, and social work. On trade she support replacing NAFTA and other free trade agreement laws which exported American jobs on the ideas that it was cheaper to send the job overseas.

In what will probably win her more of the young voters, she supports guaranteeing tuition-free, world class public education from pre-school to university. Abolishing the current student debt is another one of her plans, which would help the millennial generation put more money into the economy and less into the pockets of bankers.This platform is similar to what Bernie Sanders spoke about during his own campaign.

In one of the most progressive platform in this election, Jill Stein wishes justice for all. Justice in the sense that there is no invasion of privacy and no persecution of whistle-blowers. A pacifist in the truest sense, Stein wants America to be the beacon of peace and democracy, as it should be. Our democracy is broken and our sense of peace is false. Voting for the lesser of two evils is still voting for evil. If you cannot take the left or the right without being criticized then you should find the third option. The analogy for this election should be if you are given the choice to shoot your left or right foot then you should choose neither. America shouldn't have to shoot itself in the foot for the leader of our nation.

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