Although I was born in 1998, I identify myself as a millennial. I remember nearly everything that early 90s kids remember like: dial-up internet and slap bracelets. Recently, I was told that I am, in fact, part of the Gen-Z generation.

When my advisor informed me of this, I was shocked. I felt like part of my identity had been ripped from my little 90s baby hands. For those of you who are just as offended as I was, rest assured you are not alone. After I got over the initial shock, I did some digging about the generation I know call my own and found out that we actually kind of rock.


Wilson Harvey

We've already seen that Gen-Z is not here to play. After the school shooting in Parkland, students made their voices heard though varies protests and rallies. The "March For Our Lives" movement completely changed the conversation about gun control in our country.


Gen Z is the most racially diverse generation yet. Business Insider revealed that 48 percent of Gen Z members are non-caucasian. Along with race, Generation Z is also the most accepting of diversity, including race, religion, sexual orientation and more.


Nearly 70 percent of Gen Z members believe our country needs reform and are concerned for the future, according to Business Insider. This percentage is two times more than millennials and more than any other generation. Experts predict that this will cause more political activism and participation in the next decade as the generation grows and gets involved.


In the busy lives of teenagers, volunteering is never really a priority. I know when I was younger, I only volunteered if it was required by my school. According to a study done by Millennial Branding, nearly 80% of Generation Z is interested in volunteering their time for the greater good.


Our world is dominated by technology, but Generation Z might be the group to change that. In fact, over half of the respondents in the Millennial Branding study said they preferred to communicate with employers in person. This is drastically different than what we would expect out of the younger generation, which is another sign that Generation Z is destined to change the world.