Which Walking Dead Is The Dead for You?

Now that The Walking Dead has officially returned for almost three weeks and we're all getting back into the hype of it I wanted to discuss why we love it so much, and possibly more than the newer, but not alway lesser show Fear The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead is the original, of course. It's what got us all into the "zombie apocalypse" and made us fans of the universe. The Walking Dead shows us zombies in crazy stages of decomposition, and minimal but prominent relationships and interpersonal dialogue.

When I turn on an episode of The Walking Dead I get excited for the gore and the action that will follow. The ever changing "main characters" sides Rick Grimes have left me with a love for them, as well as the ability to not get too attached because this show kills off EVERYONE.

This is very different from Fear The Walking Dead because Fear has shown us a close family dynamic and (so far) they're all still around. Fear focuses more on how the family gets through this zombie apocalypse more than it focuses on the dangers and the struggle that they endure each and every day. This show sucked me in because I needed more information about the start of the zombie apocalypse and what happened rather than just a game of cat and mouse as we see in The Walking Dead.

Many people have made their opinions of the two shows clear. Most viewers I hear from will refuse to watch Fear because its "the same thing in a different part of the country". But for me I disagree because its proven to be informative to the beginning, and we see a new stage of zombies. We see the people who first awaken and walk around looking normal, like if they weren't moving slowly and grunting and oh yeah trying to kill you, you would never even know they were infected.

Both shows are available to stream on AMC's app and website. So sample them both, and decide your favorite for yourself. Leave your opinions in the comments I want to know!

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