No one knows you like your mother.

She has seen you at your best and at your worst. Whether it is your biological mother or another remodel in your life, she has taught you everything you know. Humility, compassion, confidence, love, and sarcasm just to name a few.

Not everyone has the ability to have or maintain a relationship with his or her mother. I, fortunately, have a mother that I get along with and appreciate most of the time. Let's face it; we all had our days when we were bitches to our mothers and thought they were trying to destroy our lives. However, as you get older they become the first person you want to tell your good news and the first person you want to call for a pep talk on a bad day.

Where would I be without my mother?

I would probably be dead.

She motivates me. She supports me. She tells me what I don’t want to hear but need to know. She raised me to be an independent woman with standards and goals for others and myself.

A relationship with your mother is a gift and privilege. Most people take it for granted. Take full advantage of the time you have now.