QUIZ: Where Should You Travel Next?

QUIZ: Where Should You Travel Next?

You're about to find out!

Time to renew your passport, pack your bags and take a trip. Whether you're a student planning on studying abroad, a family looking for a fun summer vacation, or a brand new college grad looking for one last adventure before going into the real world, this quiz will be fun and helpful!

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6 Must-Go Places For 2018 In Athens, GA

Hidden gems.

2018 is here and with the new year comes the desire for people to explore new places! In Athens, there are so many hidden gems and places to explore, and even after almost two years in the Classic City, I am still finding new places to go at least once a month. Here are a few of my favorite new finds that I explored and indulged in during the latter half of 2017.

1. El Cine

A cute little old fashioned movie theatre nestled in downtown Athens, this theatre shows older, classic movies for the enjoyment of many.

2. Hendershots

This trendy coffee shop and bar is new to the Athens area with outdoor seating, live music, art, and so much more.

3. Atomic Pizza

Near the famous "The Niche" dining hall, this pizza place has a cool retro vibe. Located inside an old gas station, even the old gas pumps are just outside.

4. Creature Comforts Brewing Company

A name that may not be so new to many, this Athens based brewing company offers a nice getaway for those wanting a fun afternoon with the girls, or a night out with the guys.

5. West Broad Farmer's Market

Open Saturdays 9 am - 1 pm, West Broad Farmer's Market is the perfect place to go if you're looking for a refreshing morning roaming through bouquets of flowers and fresh tasty snacks.

6. Independent Baking Company

This yummy little bakery on Lumpkin Street is family owned and know for its breakfast pastries, breads, cookies, and so much more. This is a place you can't forget.

Cover Image Credit: Wikipedia Commons

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Finding The Right Personal Injury Lawyer

How to Find a Good Personal Injury Lawyer

Life isn’t always a walk in the park. When accidents happen, injuries can follow you. This can mean that your personal and professional life is interrupted. When an injury occurs as a result of someone else’s negligence or at the fault of an organization, a personal injury lawyer may need to step in.

Image via Pixabay

The role of a personal injury lawyer is to help the injured person receive compensation for their losses. This can be a loss of monetary earning or the pain and suffering that comes as a result of the injury. It can also include medical expenses or legal fees as well as emotional suffering or distress.

Some types of cases that personal injury lawyers work on include:

  • Automobile accidents
  • Animal bites or injuries
  • Boating accidents
  • Biking accidents
  • Construction injuries
  • Slip and fall accidents

In cases such as these, a personal injury lawyer will evaluate the claim, research the appropriate case law, draft pleadings and motions, and prepare for the trial while counseling the client.

If you have found yourself in need of a local personal injury lawyer, there are some key things you ought to look out for when hiring.

Finding Personal Injury Lawyers in Ajax

First and foremost, choosing a personal injury lawyer in your local area through word of mouth can be a good solution. This way you get real-life feedback from trusted sources. Hearing someone else’s experience can help you get a better understanding whether this personal injury lawyer is competent enough or not. This can include a local network of neighbors, relatives, friends, or work colleagues.

Another option is to use the internet. You can try sourcing a personal injury lawyer from a legal database of lawyers in the wider area. When using a Google search, try to include your location to pull up more specific and relevant personal injury lawyers. Including the injury, type can also help to narrow down the field.

On the website of a personal injury lawyer, make sure the contact information is clear so it is easy to get in touch with them. A reputable lawyer should have their references and qualifications available on their website so you can easily locate these. This helps to build credibility and trust before reaching out to the lawyer.

Another thing to look out for on a lawyer’s website is personal testimonials and feedback from client. Similar to networking, this helps to build a professional opinion of the lawyer and help inform you if they are a match for your case.

Finally, you should thoroughly check to make the lawyer’s experience is appropriate for your personal injury case. Some other details to be aware of when seeking a personal injury lawyer in Ajax include:

  • Office locality and proximity to you
  • Lawyer expertise and relevance to injury
  • The option of a free consultation
  • Number of years lawyer has been practicing
Cover Image Credit: Flickr

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