Where, Oh Where are you Freshman Year?
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Student Life

Where, Oh Where are you Freshman Year?

Nostalgia of a Senior.

Where, Oh Where are you Freshman Year?
Sean Garrett

College is possibly one of the greatest experiences of most people’s lives. How could it not be? College is a time of minimal responsibility, classes full of attractive characters, and opportunity for every ambitious individual. Why, it’s a young adults dream! Freshman year, in particular, was a personal favorite. Contrast to my other years of college, freshman year contained the same thing as my other years of college, but to a profoundly more thrilling level.

As a freshman, everything seemed like a new stimulation for everybody. Coming right out of high school, most of us were experiencing a new found freedom away from our parents, and we took full advantage of it. I recall my freshman dorm, full of new faces, and within a year they became people I would never forget. There was never a dull moment, from the small segments in between classes to the Hall breakfasts in the morning. There were so many aspects of this not-so-distant year that makes it more memorable than the others. To this day I remember the inside jokes that we so casually announced in the presence of others, who in hindsight clearly had no clue what we were talking about. Back in freshman year everyone was more willing to try new things, test their limitations. I guess one thing that I loved was the thrill of the free time available to us because of the minimal responsibility. Freshman year everyone was always able to go out, whereas now people seem to be getting busier, even myself. There was always the possibility of studying, but this was your time to shine, show all your worth.

From the comradery of your dorms straight to the classroom, you never felt like there was a dull moment. Well, maybe during a couple of PowerPoint reading boring lectures, but it was all compensated for by the view. Never before had you been in such an environment as the one of a college classroom. You had people from all sorts of backgrounds and cultures, people of every shape and size. However, you really only seemed to notice the pretty ones. They would make the hour-plus lecture fly by. There was never more of an incentive to get the notes from a classmate. Let’s not forget the cool personalities that we exchanged the embarrassing sound-on-laptop-open facial expressions with. Freshman year was about staying up late studying in groups trying to figure out how to study for classes. While still trying to spend time with the cutie from class that you sit by in class. In the hopes that they will go downtown with you eventually.

With so many nights out chance was everywhere, even when you go out. Freshman year of college was a curious adventure spurred by limitless opportunities. Now speaking of making your hopes come true by befriending the gorgeous girl or boy in your class. There are so many other opportunities presented to you, especially as a freshman. Many kids go in with undeclared majors. Some kids already know what they want to do, and are only trying to buff up their resume in the hopes of working at their dream job. College has academic, career and relationship opportunities unlike any other place you will go. Everything stressed to you from people who have already been there was enjoy college while it lasts.

Wow, look at me. Not even graduated yet, a fourth-year senior, already reminiscing about the “good ole days”. Freshman year of college now, just a distant memory of good times all slowly running together and fading away as the days pass. From the lack of responsibility that enabled us to cultivate intimate relationships, attractive physical specimens a few rows down in class, or the vast opportunities available to you. Freshman year was the epitome of a good time. For all you upcoming freshman and anyone else, I only hope you share the same feeling of absolute admiration for your freshman years. There are better days in the horizon, but it’s always nice to be able to look back and smile, too.

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