For The Girl Who's Looking For A Country Boy

For The Girl Who's Looking For A Country Boy

The guys you need in your life are the ones who open car doors, change your tire and sing George Strait with you.

Hannah Walsh

Yeah, country boys are adorable, but it goes beyond the trucks, bucks, and "oh, shucks."

Being away at college can really make one appreciate good ol' country boys. Frat guys who gel their hair, drive a Prius, and wear pink shirts are fun, but are they the type you actually want to date? While being away at college, I've discovered a newfound appreciation for a true gentleman, and I've noticed these gentlemen tend to be country boys. Here are some reasons why a country boy is the boy for you.

1. They're chivalrous.

If they're the right kind of country gentleman, then their mommas most likely raised them the right way. These are the guys who open car doors for you and pull out your chairs, not because you can't, but because they can, and they want to. Not to mention their manners are all about "Yes ma'am, yes sir, please, and thank you" If they're chivalrous, then they treat their momma well. If they know how to treat their mom, then they know how to treat a woman. There's nothing more attractive than a guy who knows how to treat and respect a lady.

2. They're independent.

They're hardworking and self-sufficient. This is a good sign because they aren't going to suffocate you because they have lives of their own. Everyone needs a little space and a little alone time.

3. They know how to have a good time.

Who doesn't love a case of beer, some country music, and a backroad on a Saturday night? Bonfires, four-wheeler riding, hunting, and fishing is the way to a girl's heart. It gets boring going on the usual dates: dinner, a movie, take-out, rent a movie, etc. There's no better date than a date spent on the river bank fishing or in the woods hunting! It's a great way for the two of you to get away from everything and enjoy your time together.

4. They are manly.

There is NOTHING more attractive than a guy who can throw on a ball cap, jeans, boots, and be ready to go in five minutes and STILL look real good. Who wants to wait on a guy to gel their hair before you go to the movies? No one. These are the guys who will know how to bait their hook and change a flat tire (the guys every girl needs).

5. They listen to George Strait.

Name one song George Strait sings about disrespecting a woman. Not one. He's all about fallin' in love and stayin' in love. Who doesn't want a love story like the ones George Strait sings about in his songs? He's a good ol' country boy who knows how to treat a woman.

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