Girls have always been too sensitive for our sense of humor. Sarcasm is a river that constantly flows out of our mouths and we just can't control it. We have plenty of girl friends, but only a couple that we can be our complete selves with. When you're a girl like me, you know all of these things to be true...

1. We don't bong beer.

The IPA from the local brewery we are drinking deserves to be treated with much more respect than that.

2. Our sense of humor is just as vulgar as a man's.

We want to hear that sexist joke you're about to make. Most girls would be easily offended, but odds are that your joke is funny and we're always in the mood to laugh.

3. We're going to be extremely open.

Our guy friends are the perfect confidants. We know that they're not going to tell Jessica, whose going to tell Kimberly, whose going to tell Ashley... We could tell them ANYTHING and know that they'll never spill.

4. His girlfriend will hate us.

We don't know why this phenomena occurs, but it certainly will.

5. We depend on the guys to put us in our place

The best thing about having guy friends is that they will tell us when we are wearing too much perfume or when we just need to get our shit together. Our girlfriends will keep these things quiet, so we expect you to lose the filter and keep it real.

6. We love to wear dresses.

But only because we really hate wearing pants.

7. We're the ultimate beer pong partner.

Beer pong is our Olympics. We are so incredibly competitive and are always ready to kick some ass.

8. We are the best wing-man a guy could have.

We know better than anyone how to reel in that girl you've been drooling over all night. Let us work our lady magic and help you out.

9. We're low maintenance.

We can get ready to go out in 10 minutes because we know the guys will be ready in five.

10. We are always confident.

It's easy to be your fearless self when there are no catty girls holding you back. We honestly like ourselves better than we like most people.

11. We're the best of both worlds.

We can work a pair of heels and have a great night out, but the next day we'll be watching Netflix in our underwear with a large pizza by our side.