How To Say "No" When You're Already Overbooked
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How To Say "No" When You're Already Overbooked

Going through life clenching your teeth

How To Say "No" When You're Already Overbooked
Katherine M. Blanner

Just about every college student is busy. While I am grateful for being in college, having the ability to enhance my intelligence and genuinely learn more of the world and the interests, it is also one of the most difficult schedules that I have ever had to manage. My entire life is culminated in the fact that I am constantly busy and tired, as I expect many college students to be.

One of the reasons that I am frequently busy and tired is because I have a tough time saying "no" to various commitments. There are often times when I want to be superwoman, committing myself to the things that I want to do coupled with the things that I have to do. I have to work 30 hours per week at two jobs because I have to pay my bills and tuition, and I have to take eighteen credit hours per semester because I am getting two majors and ultimately must graduate in four years. On top of that, I work as an editor for two separate literary magazines, manage websites, serve on the executive board for three different clubs, and freelance my own photography business. Yes, I am rather busy.

The unfortunate fact of the matter is that, with the things that I have committed myself, I have very little time for other things, like cooking my food, taking care of my fish, and putting away my laundry (let's just say my room is a wee bit messy). It is often difficult to have time to do anything but work, meetings, and homework. Whenever I am free, however, I feel as though I am obligated to hang out with people. However, that is not necessarily true. While it is important to make sure that I save time for friends and socializing, I have to learn where to say "no" on various matters.

I am very bad at saying no to people, especially when my schedule is crazy full.

I know that I am mostly an extrovert. I need human interaction to be able to function well and thrive, but I also know that I need time alone to do things like put away my laundry and take care of the things that I need to take care of, like my fish. It is so incredibly difficult when I'm overstressed, overworked, and clenching my teeth at my daily routine to have time to manage my sanity.

The silver lining of it all is that hopefully one day this will all pay off. The fact that I am working hard for my degree, paying my own way through school, and trying to maintain my sanity and (a little bit) of a social life is going to pay off one day, I can feel it. But it does suck to go through life feeling like you're clenching your teeth the whole time. However, in the business of it all, it is important to remember when to say no, and what to say no to. The matter of rejection is not easily reached but is one that takes time, discernment, and practice.

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