When Your Sister Is Your Best Friend
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When Your Sister Is Your Best Friend

What's better than having you sister also be your best friend.

When Your Sister Is Your Best Friend
Bri Vonderlinden

Let's be honest. We all have that one best friend that is also like a sister, they belong to the family. But, we never hear about your actual sisters being your best friend. If you think about it, though, your sister has been by your side longer than your best friend. right? Or at least in my case. My sister and I are two years apart, and we have never left each other's sides, besides me going off to college. She was my first friend and one of my best friends. When this is the case, sisters tend to do the same type of things best friends do together.

1. Share Clothes

Now my sister wouldn't agree with this, since she doesn't like sharing her clothes, but you let your sister borrow your clothes if she wants. You two enjoy mix matching outfits, seeing if something looks better on them than it would on you. You pretty much just share each others wardrobe, whatever clothes you buy you may think of your sister as well to see if it's something she would wear. At the end of it all, you two might as well just put your clothes on the same side of the closet.

2. Have Jam sessions

I don't know about you, but being best friends with my sister means driving around and jamming out to our favorite music, or even just dancing around in our room. With your sister that is also your best friend, you can let down your hair and whip back and forth, dance like nobody is watching. Jam sessions are always the best with your best friend.

3. Secrets are kept

There is this thing called the girl code, well there is also something called the sister code. Anything I tell my sister stays between us two and vice versa, the best thing is I don't have to worry about her telling anyone else. Just like a best friend would do for you because of the girl code, your sister being your best friend is a bonus.

4. Her friends are your friends, your friends are her friends

Anyone who you hang out with your sister hangs out with, and whoever she hangs out with you hang out with. Sure you may have a couple of people that are just your friends, but let's be real here, since she's also your best friend there is no need for keeping the other friends to yourself. My sister's best friend, Alicia, is one of my best friends. At times, I also think of her as my little sister. And, my best friend, Alison, is also my sister's friend, and we all hangout together.

5. You are hip to hip

Doing things together is just natural. When your parents ask you to do something, you guys do it together, even if its just running to the store real quick. You may have done sports together during the school years or even during the summer. You guys may have dates like going to lunch or seeing a movie. The hardest times are when you are apart because you don't have your partner in crime next to you.

6. You have some of the best inside jokes

Since you guys are always with each other, there's a lot you've experienced together as well, anything you do is a memory and an adventure. You make new jokes throughout the years, funny moments happen that are one for the books and you always bring them up. When someone says a word or a phrase it might trigger that memory and you two just have an instinct to look at each other. For instance, my sister and I have a saying that we say when we say the same thing at the same time, we've been saying it for at least four years.

Being best friends with your sister is the best thing to have in your life. Even though we may have the downs, just like any siblings and friends, we always know we love each other and in the end we wouldn't be able to live without each other. Being away for college has been tough between us, and I miss my sister every single day. But, I know when I see her again, it makes us both happy and we make more memories. I know some siblings don't get along, but you guys should, they are your family and they are the closet thing there is to a true friend. I love my sister and I wouldn't trade her for the world.

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