So, your Graduation date got pushed back, again.

Maybe you decided to take a year or two off from school after your high school graduation before ever even enrolling in college, and your graduation was already "pushed back" before you even started.

Maybe you found that you can only go to school part-time in order to cover your bills.

Maybe you switched your major. Maybe you switched your major for the second, third or tenth time.

Maybe you had to drop a class because that professor's teaching style just wasn't for you.

Maybe you had to drop out for a semester or two in order to pay your bills. You simply couldn't afford it for a few semesters and had to come back when you could.

Maybe you just failed a class, because hello, college can be hard, and you are now going to have to take it all over again. Maybe you failed 10 courses, who knows.

Whatever the reason is, your graduation date has been pushed back, yet again. You're ready to leave college life behind, but life has hiccups, your passions change and you're struggling to make it through each semester with your sanity. Now, what do you do?

Honestly, I am not sure. It'll be different for everyone. I can, however, tell you what you don't do: dwell.

Move on. Pick yourself up. Realize that you are definitely not alone on the 'delayed-graduation' train and that you are still a winner for going after your education and a better future for yourself.

Did you know that less than 40 percent of college students finish a four-year degree in an actual four year time period?

On average, it takes a college student six years to obtain a four-year degree.

Six years.

Even if it takes you longer than that, that's OK too. No one has the same time-scale in this thing we call life.

We all do things at our own pace, and no one is living the life you live or has gone through the events you have, which may affect the course of your college career.

If you choose to keep fighting for that piece of paper that means "you did it," regardless of how many times your graduation is delayed, then you are stronger and smarter than you probably give yourself credit for.

America has one of the highest college drop-out rates in the world. Only about half of American college students even receive a diploma.

So if you choose to stay, regardless if it takes you four years, five years, six years or more to graduate: you are a freaking star, OK? Remember that.

Don't drop out. Don't give up. Keep on grinding.