When Your Roommates Are Your Best Friends

This week at Odyssey, we're having a relationship theme. And I thought about many relatable relationships to write about: my relationship with chocolate or the Internet (two of the greatest loves of my life), but I thought there was one type of relationship all of us in college can relate to -- and I hope you can relate to it in the same ways that I do -- great roommates. I'm currently a sophomore living off campus with three of my best friends (and I'm about to gush about y'all, so you better be reading this!) and I absolutely love it. So, if you have great roommates like mine, make sure to share this with them as a way to say "I love you" today.

1. Exit buddies.

Is there a concert to go to? Want to go watch that new Disney movie? Does going to the grocery store alone sound completely awful right now? Your roommates are always there for you, even for late night Target adventures.

2. Uber services.

I cannot count the times me and my roommates have asked each other for rides. The bus is late, there won't be any parking on campus, we're stranded at the library, my car window is broken so can I borrow your car to drive to work (just me?). We are each other's personal Uber services, with built in DJ because we all have fantastic music taste.

3. An extended closet.

Because am I ever really wearing an outfit that is 100% mine?

4. Fellow food friends.

To my roommates who constantly convince me that Sonic, Cookout or Bojangles is always a good idea: thank you for your emotional support and lack of judgment as I order a chocolate milkshake and mozzarella sticks for dinner. You are the reason I downloaded the Krispy Kreme app (a decision I am proud of). But we always manage to find a healthy balance; thank you for all the yummy fruit smoothies you make me.

5. Being antisocial together.

"I just want to not be social," I say as I sit on the couch right next to one of my roommates. At this point we can just sit in the same room and hang out without the need to actually be doing anything and I love them for that.

6. Rant sessions.

You know it's about to be a fun conversation when one of us walks in with, "You know what's really frustrating?" And I don't mean that sarcastically, because somehow rants always end in laughter in our apartment. But we know what horrible customers we had to deal with at work, how annoying parking was on campus today and why the amount of homework we have is humanly impossible because these are regular discussions.

7. All the love.

There's something so special about the relationship you have with great roommates who are your best friends. Thank you for sharing your candy with me, helping me with my computer problems, always encouraging me and being so loving and supportive.

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