When You Take Away My ME

Wednesdays are never fun. It's hump day. You're tired. You still have two more days after today to get to the weekend.

But, if you worked for Odyssey, this last Wednesday was especially horrific. Odyssey has laid off over 50 of their employees, without warning, and without giving their current employees a decent answer.

Wednesday was nothing but confusion. As an Editor in Chief, we're pretty low on the food chain, but we didn't know what had happened, except that our ME, or main connection to Odyssey, was no longer employed.

We had no one to talk to. We didn't know if we would even be submitting this week. We didn't know who to ask for answers or what to tell our teams.

Odyssey has always been about transparency, but on Wednesday there was none of that. Not for the EIC's, not for the ME's who had just lost their job without warning.

For a company that has always preached transparency, this is hypocrisy at its finest.

Now, EIC's in colleges across the country have barely enough information to do our jobs. They say it'll be business as normal. But it isn't.

Each ME having 70 communities isn't normal.

Being kept in the dark for days isn't normal.

Getting an email that uses a lot of words to say a lot of nothing isn't normal.

Firing 50+ employees at the drop of a dime isn't normal.

Our ME's deserve better. Our EIC's deserve better. Our creators deserve better.

Being a start-up is hard. Sometimes things don't go how to plan and a company has to make cuts. But the way Odyssey handled this is unacceptable.

Their people deserve better.

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